Friday, June 19, 2009

First post -- let's try this again

Starting a blog is usually easy. Having to start over is kind of weird. Let me explain. I have had a blog for years. I was completely open and everyone who read it knew name, the general location of where I lived, my fiance's name, etc. Then someone who I thought to be my friend used this information to basically stalk us and make our lives generally miserable. So, I have abandoned my former blog :( and am starting over with this one. My real name will not be used. Any mention of where we live will be very basic and nondescript. And to be honest...I HATE that! I am one of those "share too much information" kind of people, and I like that about myself. I don't hide my feelings or what I'm thinking. I don't hide who I am.

That being said, this blog is still about us. It is about our lives, our wedding (soon to be), and the adoption process we will be starting.

This blog will get interesting soon, I promise! :)

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