Friday, July 10, 2009

Weird dream

I have to admit...I am a total blog addict. I feel like I know many of my blogger friends because I read about their lives all the time. But I think I have a problem. I have dreamed that I am visiting my blog friends. I spend time with them and their kids and I love waking up feeling like I just connected with a long lost friend. But a couple weeks ago, my dream took a different turn.

In this dream, I was the parent of a couple of children...a couple children that were recently adopted by one of my blogger buddies. I had one of them in my arms and the other at my feet. I felt their hair and heard their voices. Now here's the REALLY weird part. I told Honey that the adoption felt very anti-climactic because I didn't remember the adoption part. Hint---you don't remember because you didn't do it!! I woke up feeling confused and a little crazy. Granted, I have strange dreams all the time...very vivid strange dreams that I remember. But this one was one of the first that stuck with me for days. I didn't visit the blog of this family for a while because it felt wrong somehow. I felt like I had intruded on their life in a way that was just not right. I'm not sure if I should just stop visiting blogs for a while or what. I am not a stalker or anything like that. What should I do??

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Disappearing act

I didn't mean to pull a disappearing act this soon with this blog. Honey and I went to New England last week and it was so wonderful! It still feels like home there...even more than this place that I've lived for almost 2 years. I can't figure out why that is. Our animals were happy to see us come home although the dog loved her vacation at the doggie hotel.

People at work are driving me nuts....customers. I am so tired of giving people everything they want just because they want it. There are limits. pharmacy has coupons in their advertisement for a $25 gift card for a transferred prescription. (don't get me started on the fact that the company refuses to allow employees to use these coupons). It says very clearly that people are limited to 2 gift cards per 6 months and people with medicaid and medicare do not qualify. But people demand gift cards. This one woman has received 6 gift cards and keeps getting more because if we tell her she has reached her limit, she calls our district manager and complains until he gives in and she gets another one. GRRRRRRRR!!!! And this woman also demands that we price match her prescriptions to Wal-Mart's $4 price even though her copays are only $5. So, not only does this woman get $25 per prescription, we lose money on every single prescription because we cannot process through insurance and price match. We just have to change it to cash and charge her $4. I have just had enough! I think maybe I need to change professions. Maybe I will end up teaching afterall. My mother would love my finally using my education degree. Kids are so much easier to deal with than adults that act like kids. :(