Saturday, October 31, 2009

Starting to unpack and stuff

Although the movers are still days from being here, we do have some stuff. Honey and I had made a few trips up here in the last few months and always filled up our vehicles when we came. Thankfully, Honey's friend allowed us to leave our boxes of stuff in his garage for a little while. We didn't realize how much stuff we brought here, but we were glad of it. Being able to have some stuff really helps. We have some dishes and pots and pans. We have a decent amount of clothes and we also brought up most of our books (which saved on our moving costs since it is determined by weight). The woman we bought the house from left some good stuff here. She left 2 really nice book shelves upstairs so I was able to unpack all my books. She also left the washer and dryer so I am able to do laundry without having to go to a laundromat.

We also have been spending our fair share of money to start up a new household. Groceries, tools, stuff to do a few upgrades, new furniture (woohoo), and stuff, stuff, stuff. We are tired but excited! Our puppy loves the space to run. Our cat is finding all the places he needs to hide from the pup. We are excited for Wednesday to get here so we have a real bed to sleep in. We know we are blessed to have a nice air mattress...but I can't wait to snuggle into a soft bed again. :)

p.s. Sorry this seems disjointed. I guess I was more tired than I realized. lol

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

We are here!!

After 16 hours of driving in 2 days, we finally made it. We are both exhausted and the animals have almost driven us nuts...actually, the dog was a decent traveler. The cat, however, threw a fit everytime we put him in his crate so we let him out. He spent the whole time sleeping on a pillow on my lap, so needless to say, I couldn't move. I am stiff but so happy! We have a house!! I'm not sure it has hit me that I will live in the house for a long time. I have rented for so long...the feeling of permanence will take some getting used to. But I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! Woohoo, we have a house!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Stuff is gone

After much packing last night (until almost midnight) and quite a few tears (I felt terrible because I didn't get it done like I had promised), we got most everything ready for the movers. They were supposed to be at the house between 8 and 10am. Well, at 9:30am, the guy knocked on our door. There was a problem.....he couldn't get his truck to my house. He was driving a HUGE semi and this house is in a pretty cramped development. Hmmm. We ended up having to take him to a truck stop to park his truck and then drive him to U-haul to get a smaller truck to shuttle stuff from the house to his truck. :( It will end up costing us quite a few more hundred dollars in the end, but it worked. Since we had to do all this driving and shuttling, they weren't done by the time the carpet cleaners got there. So...we got everything out of the downstairs so the cleaners could start there and hoped the movers would be done with the upstairs by the time the downstairs was clean. With minutes to spare, everything was in the shuttle truck and the movers were driving away as the cleaners moved upstairs. We are so happy it is all done. The only small problem we have now is that we found out our stuff won't be delivered until next..meaning the one after this Wednesday. We will be living with bare basics until then, but we will make due. I need to get some rest. We leave here in the morning for the last time and start the journey to OUR NEW HOUSE!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I hate bumps!!

Bumps when you are buying a house can really drive you crazy. All during the process, we kept having to send in "one more thing" almost everyday. Today really took the cake though. We decided for me to do a power of attorney so that Honey could do the closing without me. We sent in this piece of paperwork to the attorney over a week ago, then today, the bank decided they were not going to accept it because it didn't have Jr. at the end of Honey's name. GRRRR!! I was at work when they called me and needless to say, I was in tears. I was 900 miles away from the closing and they wouldn't accept the power of attorney. The attorney tried to fax me a revised copy and I was supposed to initial it and fax it back. Well, you know how well forms look after being copied and then making a copy of that copy. Eventually, you can't read it. Thankfully, the lawyer finally figured out a way to make it work and the closing happened. Honey will be up there for a couple more days and then will be back here just in time to move. :) I guess I should get off here and get to packing. I have more packing to do than I have time to do it. Moving guys will be here Monday morning EARLY! So very exciting!!

Monday, October 19, 2009


We are hiring a moving company. They will be here a week from today to get our stuff. Closing is Friday. Honey is going up by himself...and I'm gonna stay here and work for a little longer. I would type more, but my brain is a muddle. I can't focus enough to say much that is comprehensible (is that the right word??)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

One less thing

Our refrigerator has a new home as does our sofa, kitchen table and chairs, and microwave. If I could only sell some of my crafts before we go. :)