Saturday, October 31, 2009

Starting to unpack and stuff

Although the movers are still days from being here, we do have some stuff. Honey and I had made a few trips up here in the last few months and always filled up our vehicles when we came. Thankfully, Honey's friend allowed us to leave our boxes of stuff in his garage for a little while. We didn't realize how much stuff we brought here, but we were glad of it. Being able to have some stuff really helps. We have some dishes and pots and pans. We have a decent amount of clothes and we also brought up most of our books (which saved on our moving costs since it is determined by weight). The woman we bought the house from left some good stuff here. She left 2 really nice book shelves upstairs so I was able to unpack all my books. She also left the washer and dryer so I am able to do laundry without having to go to a laundromat.

We also have been spending our fair share of money to start up a new household. Groceries, tools, stuff to do a few upgrades, new furniture (woohoo), and stuff, stuff, stuff. We are tired but excited! Our puppy loves the space to run. Our cat is finding all the places he needs to hide from the pup. We are excited for Wednesday to get here so we have a real bed to sleep in. We know we are blessed to have a nice air mattress...but I can't wait to snuggle into a soft bed again. :)

p.s. Sorry this seems disjointed. I guess I was more tired than I realized. lol

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