Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not so good :(

I am really not good at resolutions I guess. I have done ok with crafting everyday. I could do better with not spending money...and I am guessing you can see I am not doing well with blogging. Honey and I made a trip to my parents' house in the mountain state. Mama's 60th birthday was this week and we went to see them as sort of an early birthday present. Don't worry...we did give her a gift. :)

We got some good news on the adoption front. I can't really share yet, because it is still in the maybe stage. But the situation started out as a definite no so being maybe is a REALLY good thing!! We are getting married this month. It will be a very mild affair, but as soon as it happens, we can start our homestudy. Then, if all goes well...we might have some news to share. Who knows, maybe even a picture. I just can't wait to be a mama! And I am ready for my little one(s) to live here and not in an orphanage.

Have I said before...I love facebook. Reconnecting with old friends is so cool!

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