Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well, at the beginning of the week, the weather man said we were going to have a nor'easter. Then they changed their mind and said we would have approximately 2-3 inches on both Saturday and Sunday. I guess he was wrong again. We have gotten about 2 feet so far and they are calling for at least 18 more inches tonight. UGH!! So glad that I don't have to work. But Honey volunteered for Sunday because the weatherman said just a little snow. Did ok with the spending money thing today except for paying for lunch when Honey and I went to the mall. It was only fair. But I did end up getting Diet Dr. Pepper today because Honey bought it as a surprise. The funny thing is that I didn't tell him about my money spending diet. I also got an afghan half put together I took care (for the most part) of my resolutions. :)

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