Sunday, February 28, 2010

I just have to!

I have to change my name with work tomorrow! I tried about a half a dozen times last week but my manager kept putting me off. So, I'm going to call HR tomorrow and do it myself! I also have to find out who we need to contact to get a written verification of employment for me and Honey. Since we both work for the same company, it should be easy. And it would be if people didn't keep pushing me to someone else. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult for the HR department to type up a form that said we both work for them and what our income is. But nobody wants to do it.

Honey is also supposed to call his doctor's office tomorrow and beg them to get him in sooner. It started that his appointment was in the middle of March, then they changed it to March 31st, then the other day they changed it to April 17th. GRRRR! Our homestudy can't be finished until we get that physical. We can't send our dossier to Little Man's country until we have our homestudy. We can't get USCIS approval until we can send them our homestudy. See our issue? It holds everything up big time. We just want to get Little Man home! He needs to get home! But God knows that already....and HE will get Little Man home at the perfect time. (I just have to keep reminding myself that!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Final paper...well, for one step

We sent out the originals of our family profile and family disclosure forms to Reece's Rainbow today!! That was the last piece that they needed to set up our profile on their site. We were supposed to get it notarized yesterday, but Mama screwed up and forgot to bring her ID. So, we had to do it today. It was exciting telling the notary about our adoption. We are the first family to adopt through Reece's Rainbow from our state and were telling the wonderful lady at the bank about it. She told us that her sister (who is 47) is "special." When she was born, the doctors tried to convince the family to put her into a "trade school" that was for "special people." The mother vehemently declined! She told them she could take care of her daughter better than anyone! :) She never did go to school so she can't read, but she lives in an apartment in a sort of assisted living building. She cares for herself almost completely...she cooks, cleans, shops...she is her own person. If she would have been sent away, she wouldn't have been able to do half of what she does now. It is so exciting being able to share about our adoption of a special needs child. Many people don't get it...they think it is a burden. But there are always those, like this amazing lady at the bank, that DO get it! We know we are doing what we were meant to do and she helped to reiterate that to us today!

Friday, February 26, 2010


I am a very vivid dreamer. And I remember my dreams. When my younger brother and I were kids, I used to entertain him by telling him stories....the stories came from my dreams. The other night I had the most amazing dream!! I had asked God a while ago to let me dream of my little one. This was before we had been told we could adopt Little Man. Now to my dream. I was somewhere (not sure where) and walked into a room. There was a little table and Little Man was sitting there with his back to me. I walked over to the table and knelt beside his chair. He stood up, faced me and threw his arms around my neck. I broke down crying. This adorable little boy just patted my he was telling me, "It's ok, Mama, I'm here." I woke up crying. But I had the most contented feeling. I can't wait until I can feel that hug for real!! I still remember it!

Disappearing act....sorry (edited)

**I added a couple new posts under this...trying to catch up with all the news.

I have been BUSY!! I have been working a lot and when I get home, I have to deal with adoption stuff (that's not a complaint, believe me!) or housework (that is a complaint lol).

I have HUGE news! But first, we had our 2nd homestudy (first at the house) visit. She asked some tough questions, but I think we did ok. She LOVED our home and I don't blame her. It is gorgeous if I have to say so myself. I wasn't able to get Little Man's room done like I wanted it, but she was fine with how it was. We also found out that we only have our individual meetings left with her and we are done...except for Honey's physical which he couldn't get done until the end of March. :( I am still trying to figure out who to use for our references...that is more difficult than I though it would be.

Now to the news! We got our pre-approval from Little Man's country!! One of the officials that reviews family profiles there was very excited that someone is coming for Little Man! I can't reveal his country yet or his real name, but I can share a pic. I have to say, he is so stinking cute!! :) He resembles Honey so I can't wait to have a pic of them together. He will be a Papa's boy!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surprise, again!

Another surprise!! Not only is Little Man under "my forever family found me," our family is now listed under the new commitment page. There are 7 steps to Reece's far as how a child is listed. (This does not have anything to do with the adoption process really...just shows progress)

1. The child's picture waits on one of many waiting children pages...waiting for his/her family to find him. Once the family finds their child, they fill out paperwork and have their social worker fill out a pre-approval. The child's picture then can be moved to...
2. "My forever family found me!" This holds the particular child so no one else can commit. This, however, does not put a hold on that child in their country. If someone else goes to Ukraine, for example, and requests a child with a specific special need, they might be referred "your" child. This doesn't happen often, but it can. Other countries work differently...but something to keep in mind.
3. Soon after Andrea receives all the paperwork and promise trust, the child is then listed on the "New Commitments" page. The child's name is listed (not their real name) with the family's last name beside it. It is so exciting seeing your child's picture with your last name!!! This is also when she sets up your family savings. People can donate money toward your adoption of your child. This money cannot be used until you are traveling...for facilitation fees and such. Depending on how far you are in your might stay on this page a short time.
4. The next page is "Homestudy in process." Since we are so close to the end of our homestudy, we will probably be moved to this page very soon.
5. Next is "Almost there!" This is where your family is listed once the homestudy is finished and you are waiting on your USCIS (immigration) approval or just waiting on a travel date.
6. "Traveling soon!" is one of the most exciting places to be. You have your paperwork done, you are approved by USCIS to bring a child into this country, and you know when you are going to get your little one(s). You stay on this page for the duration of your stay in country. If you have a blog, you can have it listed with your profile so your blog friends and family can know what's up with your family.
7. The last place is THE MOST EXCITING place to be. It is "HOME!!!" This is when the adventure truly begins.

Our process has been chucking along pretty quickly. We are waiting for the hiccups. Every adoption has them and we are anxious to get to, then through ours.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh my goodness!

I got home tonight to the most wonderful surprise! Let me back up. We got an email yesterday telling us that we were approved by Little Man's country. Shelley sent me the info I needed to finish our dossier which is very easy actually. She had sent me the family disclosure form and family profile that we needed to fill out and send in to Reece's Rainbow so we could be matched with Little Man. But I waited to fill it out...thinking getting too far ahead of myself would jinx us somehow. So, when we got the approval, I decided it was high time to get that paperwork done. I filled it out last night and faxed it today. The disclosure needed to get notarized, and since Honey and I don't have much time off together, we were having issues getting that done. I knew we had the weekend off so we could get it notarized then, but I wanted to get the info to Andrea. And faxing was the easiest way. I sent a little note with it explaining what I was doing but knowing it wasn't good enough to officially match us with him. (We needed our social worker to fill out a form for them too). But I just wanted to get started with the matching process.

The surprise - when I got home from work, I pulled up Reece's Rainbow like always. I went to check on Little Man (as I always do), and he had been moved to "MY FOREVER FAMILY FOUND ME!" I could barely breathe! Little Man was on hold...for us! When I went to the message board, it was all abuzz about Little Man's family. Since he was on hold, I decided I could spill the beans. Everyone was very happy for us as he seems to be a favorite of many people on the board. That is what shocked me about him still being available for us. God saved this little boy for our family...I just know it!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Honey took me out for brunch the restaurant where we had our first date! :) Isn't he a cutie?? He also had a nice bag of goodies for me when I got up this morning. Chocolate...of course, and the cutest little detective bear. Also he bought me a cheese cutting board that is made from an old wine bottle. They melt it down in a kiln so that it's flat....very cool! He tries to get me something "green" for most holidays where gifts are given. He knows me too well!

My physical is tomorrow. I just need to remember to bring my form I need them to fill out. I guess I need to figure out how to make a timeline for this blog.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Day off

I was so not productive today. I couldn't sleep too late because we were having a stand up freezer delivered today. I am excited because I hope to start doing some freezer meals. Knowing that I have an easy dinner in the freezer for those work til 8 nights...will make me feel so much better.

I really should have started getting Little Man's room organized. All of my craft stuff is up there and it needs to look more like a bedroom than a catch all room before the social worker comes...a week from Monday. UGH!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm not good with titles

We got one more piece today. Honey was able to go (since it was his day off) and get that other special piece of paperwork we need to send to Little Guy's country. We also need it for our homestudy, so it pulls double duty.

Honey had a busy day off. First, his co-workers wanted him to come into work because they were having a Valentines Day party. He was a sweetie and brought a yellow rose for all the girls. They oohed and aahed over that! Then he had to come to my work because (ding bat that I am sometimes) I forgot my Levothyroxine today. Not a huge deal for one day, but he knows that I get a headache if I don't take it. He said he had a ton of other stuff that he did too, but I can't remember right now.

But now my binder has 2 pieces of paperwork. Only a gagillion more to go. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We got it!

Our marriage license came in the mail today! Can I hear an amen?! I still haven't ordered Honey's birth certificate. :( I also bought a 3 ring binder and page protectors. And with getting our marriage license, I had something to put into the binder. When I think of everything that needs to happen in the next week and half (not even that), my stomach rumbles.

Can you see me crossing things off my list?

One more thing....copies of my birth certificate ordered!! I also asked the wonderful ladies on Reece's Rainbow's message board about how to organize. Most of them recommended that I get a 3 ring binder and some plastic page protector things. They said I should label the page protectors with each piece of paperwork needed. They said to put them in the same order listed by your agency. Since we are still homestudying, I am going to list the items needed for the homestudy. They said this makes it easy to see what you still need and still be able to find something quickly because you can see what you have. Also, this will be easy to carry to country when we finally get to go.

Shelley sent me an email today telling me that I can send her the pre-approval for Little Man's country since it takes a week or so for them to approve us. We have to send a family bio (almost exactly what we had to do for our social worker)...and pictures of us with one other piece of paperwork. Honey has to get that paperwork copy on Friday. I have to figure out what to do for pictures of us. The only digital pics we have are a couple from our wedding. They aren't the normal adoption profile type pics you normally see. So....we will see.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting stuff scheduled

Well, I used my lunch break today to schedule my physicals. I have a typical primary care physician type physical, plus my feminine physical. I don't need the 2nd one for the adoption, but I am I figured it was best to schedule that one too. Now, I just need to find an endocrinologist for my thyroid. Tomorrow I will need to order my birth certificates. Honey's will be easier to get since we live in the state he was born in. Mine...well, I have to order them from the Mountains. Honey contacted the town office today to find out how long it takes to get our marriage license. Turns out, the justice of the peace forgot to drop it off. The town office contacted her and told her to get her butt down there and drop it off. LOL!! She did and the town office clerk said we will have our copies in our hands by Friday. WOOHOO!!! One less thing to think about.

Monday, February 8, 2010

First meeting

Well, today is my birthday. It was a pretty stressful day, but that was to be expected. We met with the social worker today. We had to do a family bio which was a learning experience. She asked lots of questions about how we came to want to adopt from a certain we came to choose little guy....why international...and a bunch more. We asked her some questions about the homestudy process. She gave us a mountain of paperwork. We scheduled our next meeting for 2 weeks from today. Before that time, we need to get copies of birth certificates, marriage license, divorce decrees, we both need to get physicals, and we need to start working on the 6 page application and the adoption education she wants us to do. I know I am missing something that we need to do...but all this has me busy enough. I need to figure out how to organize this stuff.

Friday, February 5, 2010

2nd step...again

Well, I had to change my social worker. The first one actually ended up being a little dishonest. When we first contacted them, I was told that the homestudy would be $1000. I was totally upfront about only using them for the homestudy...but when I got an email back from her, she told me that the homestudy would actually be $1800 plus $200 for an application fee because we weren't using them as our agency. GRRR! But thankfully I knew of another social worker I could email. She is actually a lot nicer than the other one seemed to be. We have our first meeting with her on Monday, my birthday. :) This will be the coolest birthday, I think. Hopefully this will be my last birthday without little ones.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Waiting...a little

I emailed Shelley today to ask her opinion on waiting for the pre-approval until we are into the homestudy. She agreed it would probably be the best. Still waiting to hear back from the agency.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2nd step

I emailed a social worker today about getting our homestudy done. This is starting to get exciting!! The social worker seems to think I'm not prepared. I guess that is her job, but she acts like I'm going into adoption totally blind.

Monday, February 1, 2010

First step

I contacted Reece's Rainbow today to see what we needed to start the adoption process. I have been "researching" adoption for years...but I just wasn't prepared to start. Does that make sense? Shelley sent me the beginnings of paperwork for the country we hope to adopt from as well as some Reece's Rainbow paperwork. I am thinking though that maybe we should wait to do all this paperwork until we start the homestudy. Just a thought.