Friday, February 26, 2010


I am a very vivid dreamer. And I remember my dreams. When my younger brother and I were kids, I used to entertain him by telling him stories....the stories came from my dreams. The other night I had the most amazing dream!! I had asked God a while ago to let me dream of my little one. This was before we had been told we could adopt Little Man. Now to my dream. I was somewhere (not sure where) and walked into a room. There was a little table and Little Man was sitting there with his back to me. I walked over to the table and knelt beside his chair. He stood up, faced me and threw his arms around my neck. I broke down crying. This adorable little boy just patted my he was telling me, "It's ok, Mama, I'm here." I woke up crying. But I had the most contented feeling. I can't wait until I can feel that hug for real!! I still remember it!

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