Saturday, February 27, 2010

Final paper...well, for one step

We sent out the originals of our family profile and family disclosure forms to Reece's Rainbow today!! That was the last piece that they needed to set up our profile on their site. We were supposed to get it notarized yesterday, but Mama screwed up and forgot to bring her ID. So, we had to do it today. It was exciting telling the notary about our adoption. We are the first family to adopt through Reece's Rainbow from our state and were telling the wonderful lady at the bank about it. She told us that her sister (who is 47) is "special." When she was born, the doctors tried to convince the family to put her into a "trade school" that was for "special people." The mother vehemently declined! She told them she could take care of her daughter better than anyone! :) She never did go to school so she can't read, but she lives in an apartment in a sort of assisted living building. She cares for herself almost completely...she cooks, cleans, shops...she is her own person. If she would have been sent away, she wouldn't have been able to do half of what she does now. It is so exciting being able to share about our adoption of a special needs child. Many people don't get it...they think it is a burden. But there are always those, like this amazing lady at the bank, that DO get it! We know we are doing what we were meant to do and she helped to reiterate that to us today!

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  1. OOoh Missy, soooooooooooo exciting!! I'm trying to catch up. Congrats on the marriage, that's awesome!! Can't wait to hear more about the little boy!!