Monday, February 8, 2010

First meeting

Well, today is my birthday. It was a pretty stressful day, but that was to be expected. We met with the social worker today. We had to do a family bio which was a learning experience. She asked lots of questions about how we came to want to adopt from a certain we came to choose little guy....why international...and a bunch more. We asked her some questions about the homestudy process. She gave us a mountain of paperwork. We scheduled our next meeting for 2 weeks from today. Before that time, we need to get copies of birth certificates, marriage license, divorce decrees, we both need to get physicals, and we need to start working on the 6 page application and the adoption education she wants us to do. I know I am missing something that we need to do...but all this has me busy enough. I need to figure out how to organize this stuff.

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