Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Getting stuff scheduled

Well, I used my lunch break today to schedule my physicals. I have a typical primary care physician type physical, plus my feminine physical. I don't need the 2nd one for the adoption, but I am I figured it was best to schedule that one too. Now, I just need to find an endocrinologist for my thyroid. Tomorrow I will need to order my birth certificates. Honey's will be easier to get since we live in the state he was born in. Mine...well, I have to order them from the Mountains. Honey contacted the town office today to find out how long it takes to get our marriage license. Turns out, the justice of the peace forgot to drop it off. The town office contacted her and told her to get her butt down there and drop it off. LOL!! She did and the town office clerk said we will have our copies in our hands by Friday. WOOHOO!!! One less thing to think about.

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