Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oh my goodness!

I got home tonight to the most wonderful surprise! Let me back up. We got an email yesterday telling us that we were approved by Little Man's country. Shelley sent me the info I needed to finish our dossier which is very easy actually. She had sent me the family disclosure form and family profile that we needed to fill out and send in to Reece's Rainbow so we could be matched with Little Man. But I waited to fill it out...thinking getting too far ahead of myself would jinx us somehow. So, when we got the approval, I decided it was high time to get that paperwork done. I filled it out last night and faxed it today. The disclosure needed to get notarized, and since Honey and I don't have much time off together, we were having issues getting that done. I knew we had the weekend off so we could get it notarized then, but I wanted to get the info to Andrea. And faxing was the easiest way. I sent a little note with it explaining what I was doing but knowing it wasn't good enough to officially match us with him. (We needed our social worker to fill out a form for them too). But I just wanted to get started with the matching process.

The surprise - when I got home from work, I pulled up Reece's Rainbow like always. I went to check on Little Man (as I always do), and he had been moved to "MY FOREVER FAMILY FOUND ME!" I could barely breathe! Little Man was on hold...for us! When I went to the message board, it was all abuzz about Little Man's family. Since he was on hold, I decided I could spill the beans. Everyone was very happy for us as he seems to be a favorite of many people on the board. That is what shocked me about him still being available for us. God saved this little boy for our family...I just know it!

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