Thursday, February 25, 2010

Surprise, again!

Another surprise!! Not only is Little Man under "my forever family found me," our family is now listed under the new commitment page. There are 7 steps to Reece's far as how a child is listed. (This does not have anything to do with the adoption process really...just shows progress)

1. The child's picture waits on one of many waiting children pages...waiting for his/her family to find him. Once the family finds their child, they fill out paperwork and have their social worker fill out a pre-approval. The child's picture then can be moved to...
2. "My forever family found me!" This holds the particular child so no one else can commit. This, however, does not put a hold on that child in their country. If someone else goes to Ukraine, for example, and requests a child with a specific special need, they might be referred "your" child. This doesn't happen often, but it can. Other countries work differently...but something to keep in mind.
3. Soon after Andrea receives all the paperwork and promise trust, the child is then listed on the "New Commitments" page. The child's name is listed (not their real name) with the family's last name beside it. It is so exciting seeing your child's picture with your last name!!! This is also when she sets up your family savings. People can donate money toward your adoption of your child. This money cannot be used until you are traveling...for facilitation fees and such. Depending on how far you are in your might stay on this page a short time.
4. The next page is "Homestudy in process." Since we are so close to the end of our homestudy, we will probably be moved to this page very soon.
5. Next is "Almost there!" This is where your family is listed once the homestudy is finished and you are waiting on your USCIS (immigration) approval or just waiting on a travel date.
6. "Traveling soon!" is one of the most exciting places to be. You have your paperwork done, you are approved by USCIS to bring a child into this country, and you know when you are going to get your little one(s). You stay on this page for the duration of your stay in country. If you have a blog, you can have it listed with your profile so your blog friends and family can know what's up with your family.
7. The last place is THE MOST EXCITING place to be. It is "HOME!!!" This is when the adventure truly begins.

Our process has been chucking along pretty quickly. We are waiting for the hiccups. Every adoption has them and we are anxious to get to, then through ours.

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