Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Good day on a couple levels

Good news number 1...I had today off. The reason I had the day off wasn't that great. I had to have a mammogram and an ultrasound. When I went to the doctor last week, she found a lump that she didn't like and wanted to get it checked out. I'm 36 so I was a little freaked out. Needless to say, I didn't sleep well last night and then had to be up at 6:30 for the appointment. BUT, I happy to announce that they found nothing out of the ordinary. The lump turned out to be a lymph node that was a little enlarged, but, "it's nothing to be worried about." So, I guess that counts as good news number 2. :)

Good news number 3 is due to the fact that I had a day off during the week (almost unheard of), I got quite a few things accomplished. I made it to the town clerk's office and got another copy of our marriage license as well as a copy of our home deed. Two things checked off the dossier list. Woohoo! And I was also able to make it to the post office to get my named changed on my passport. Well, I got my picture taken and the paperwork mailed off, but I did what I could do. Cool thing...since I got my passport less than a year ago, I didn't have to pay anything to change my name. It's always a good thing, especially while in the process of adoption, to have something cost nothing.

Good news number 4...only 1 more day of work before Honey and I go on vacation. Well, it's not really a vacation. We are going to a conference. We are going to DC and I have never been there. I am excited to be able to do some site seeing when we're not doing conference stuff. Especially the Vietnam memorial. My dad's cousin died in Vietnam so his name is on the memorial. :( This is the conference where Honey and I got engaged last year in Texas. So, it's a type of anniversary, I guess. So many changes in one year! :)


  1. So glad you are all OK! That must have been stressful! Enjoy DC, I adored it when I was there!!!

  2. REALLY was a great day! Thanks for your sweet note on our blog. I promise you will feel all the amazing things a mom feels when you hold that little guy! It is nothing like anything you can imagine or dream of--it's way better! So many nights i just don't want to put her in her crib after she falls asleep in my arms. So I just sit there and look at her precious face and pinch myself that this beautiful precious child is MINE. in the world could that be! will, you will, you will. And it will come and go so fast...even though the wait seems forever--after you get there--it all goes soooooo very fast.

    Love the DREAM post. I had a dream when we finally go our dossier sent to China and God gave me her face in such detail. I had that face to hang onto for 3 years and I say with all my heart to you--it carried me with such peace and comfort through even the toughest times--when everything seemed like it would fall apart. And when I saw her picture I knew it was her! So hang on to that dream--and dont' forget it--cause it will get you though--his sweet little face and the thoughts of that day will get you though.