Thursday, March 18, 2010

Home again, home again

We got back from DC today. I have to say, it was a tiring vacation. Honey and I went to a conference and it was pretty good. I have to admit, I only went to one class. It was on autism and was very interesting! I don't think it was Honey's first choice, but he learned some things too.

DC is so loud! There are sirens blaring at all hours of the day and car horns honking. UGH! It made it nearly impossible to sleep. I also usually sleep with a fan so not having that white noise to help block everything out made things worse. But the time that I did sleep was hard sleep. Honey said I didn't toss and turn like I have been here at home. I am guessing that has to do with the fact that I wasn't home where I could do anything adoption related. My brain knew this so it didn't keep racing with what I needed to do. I did get a really cool freebie at the conference. Not many of the companies there had much to offer. We got a few reusable grocery bags which is always cool and a few cool balls for Little Man. I was really focused in on finding toy type giveaways this year. Maybe that's why not much appealed to me. :) So here is my cool freebie. Isn't he hilarious?

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