Saturday, March 6, 2010

I think I'm lucky

I normally wouldn't say that. I'm one of those people who, if something can go will! We have been plugging along with our adoption for less than a month and we are so close to being at the end of the homestudy. We are still waiting for the bumps.

The lucky part is that I have a job...a job that keeps my mind occupied for the whole time I'm there. Well, for the most part anyway. That way, days seem to fly by. The bad part about having a full time job is finding time (during weekdays) to get adoption stuff done. Once we are at the point of sending our dossier to Little Man's country, I won't have the option of tracking our package. I mean, I can check it in the morning and later that night...but during the day, I will be at work with no access to internet. :( But that really is a good thing because then I can't obsess about it. I tend to obsess!! My poor coworkers. They know everything about our adoption process. I talk about it ALL the time!! OBSESSED!! But then again, I have talked about adoption for years and have driven everyone around me nuts. I remember when I was a kid at church, the preacher saying that you need to watch what you let into your mind because that's what will come out of your mouth. Adoption isn't a bad thing, right?? :)

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