Saturday, March 27, 2010

More real :)

I can't believe it! We got our employment verification letters back apostilled today!! So much for the 15 days they normally take. I was going to brag on Reece's Rainbow's message board, but another person is having issues with Nevada getting theirs back. I guess they are 6 week backlogged right now. I feel so bad for that family because their little girl is already in an institution. They don't have those extra weeks. I guess I should be thankful that Little Man is in a foster home...I don't even have to worry about him being at an orphanage.

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  1. Hi, i found your blog at RR.. Your little man is so handsome! (: I hope everything goes quickly with your paperwork and you can get him soon.. Have you already think a name for him? i understand if you can't/don't want to tell it, i was just asking. Anyway, best wishes for you and your family!