Friday, March 26, 2010

Starting to feel real

I have to admit, I still wonder about how real this adoption is. Maybe it's because I have thought about it so long, or because I'm afraid something will happen...but my brain just won't let me believe it's real. It was the same when we bought the house. Everyone said it was because everything went so fast. We found and then closed on the house in a little over 2 months and it's just now hitting me that we really own our house (well, we share ownership with the bank). And the adoption is feeling the same way. I look at Little Man's picture and I smile knowing he is our son. And I dream about him and wake up aching to hold him. I'm not making sense, am I??

Well, today made it feel a little more real. We got our first apostilled document. Seeing that shiny gold star'ed document attached to my birth certificate really felt important, and REAL!! It really made me excited! Let's hope that it doesn't take long for our employment verification letters to come back. They said it could take 15 days...:( But I sent a nice cover leter basically begging them to do it quicker. I hope it helps that I included a picture of Little Man with it. :0

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