Wednesday, April 7, 2010

If you don't have anything nice to say...

I know you can finish that statement. All our mothers said it to us. I haven't really had anything nice to say for a few days (hence disappearing from blog land) I am just frustrated right now. Our homestudy should be done any day now...she has everything from us that she needs. I also found out that she cannot supply us with the notarized background checks that we need for our dossier. I wish I would have known that before, but there's nothing I can do about the time lost now. I just have to figure out how I go about getting what I need to bring Little Man home.

Thankfully Honey was finally able to have his physical done. Frustrating part, they didn't have a notary so he wasn't able to get the form we needed for our dossier. Our SW is a notary so she will go to the doctor's office sometime soon (we hope) and notarize the doctor's signature so we will have that form. Mine....I am still trying to figure out how to get it notarized. They don't have a notary and the office is kind of in the middle of nowhere. I guess I can ask my SW to go there too, but for some reason, I feel guilty about that. I have a serious issue with guilt feelings when I have to ask anyone for anything. Not sure why.

Also, I'm frustrated because I know there are two wonderful ladies in Little Man's country right now. They are visiting little ones in an orphanage there and 2 little guys in foster care. But my son isn't one of them. :( I would have loved to know that he was getting some loving even though it wasn't me giving it to him. And I would have loved to have new pics and an update on his development. But I won't get any of that.

I don't mean to sound like such a downer....I know we have only been in this process for 2 months, but I truly want my son here NOW!

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