Tuesday, April 20, 2010

So close....yet so far

I am not good at this posting thing sometimes. When I get home from work, I buzz around the internet...reading other blogs, seeing which new children have been committed to on Reece's Rainbow, check out facebook and my email, and various other activities. What I seem to not do lately is feel like posting my process. I am sorry for that because I know what it's like to want to know what is up with an adopting family.

So here we are. My SW emailed me our homestudy draft last week. It looked really good other than out marriage date being wrong. It is very strange reading about yourself and your family from another person's perspective, but she made us sound amazing. :)

I emailed her yesterday. She had to send it to California to be signed off by her boss. Her boss sent it out Saturday and she will get it to us as soon as she gets it back. I am still waiting on my doctor's office to get my medical letter to me. When we started, there was a medical form I had to have filled out by the doctor's office for my SW. We need another letter for the dossier. I hope to have it by Saturday. We will see.

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