Friday, April 9, 2010


I did get a couple things accomplished today. I went to the DMV (finally) and changed my name on my license. I know I should have done it before now since we have been married for over 2 months, but I seem to be running around all over the place getting stuff for the adoption and the DMV just got overlooked. I have to change my name on my social security card too...according to the woman at DMV, I have 30 days to do that once I change it on my license. If I don't, they will suspend my license...and I can't have that happen. I also mailed off our background check forms. I included a cover letter explaining our situation with a cute pic of Little Man basically beggin them to do it quickly. It worked for our employement letter apostilles. I figured it couldn't hurt. As soon as I have our homestudy, and our doctor's letters (notarized), our dossier will be ready to send to Little Man's country. Then time will start ticking...or at least I hope!

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