Wednesday, May 26, 2010

We have beds

Little Man's bed arrived today. We are ready! But I'm not sure how long we have to wait for his bed to have a little body in it....but we are ready. His room isn't painted yet, but I just can't motivate myself to do it. Hopefully I will once we get a travel date.

I'm loving not working...but I check email WAY too much!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I emailed Shelley to let her know that we got fingerprinted early. I thought that all we needed was the, guess not. She said she would let the facilitator know that we had been fingerprinted, but she wasn't sure it was possible to travel in June. :( I don't mean that to sound like I was misled...I think I just read too much into what I was told...or just wishful thinking...or I was desperate to think we would get Little Man home before his birthday. I guess I should just be satisfied with the fact that we have done everything we can do. But, needless to say, I'm not.

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 weeks early

We went to USCIS today hoping and praying. Our appointment wasn't for 2 more weeks, but with Little Man's country closing soon, we wanted to see if they would take us as a walk-in. We did have to explain a little...the fingerprint lady didn't understand how a country could close for 3 months. But anyway...finally she decided to help us out. My heart was pounding the entire time. But in less than 30 minutes we were done and out of there! Very excited!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you ever been cursed out by a robin?

Well, let me tell is not pretty. I decided that my first day off work should be full. I wanted to show Honey that having me stay home was a productive thing. :) This house has a wood stove. And anyone who knows me knows that I am somewhat of a pyromaniac. But one of the downfalls of having a wood stove is the wood. Moving here in November made it impossible for us to cut our own wood, so we had some delivered. The lady we bought the house from had some wood in the basement as well as in a woodshed. We ended up using that almost exclusively for this winter. But anyway, the delivered wood. It has sat in a pile all winter. I decided today (being a sunny day) would be a good time to move the wood to the woodshed. Enter the robin. There are 3 bird nests built in the rafters of the woodshed, but Honey and I thought they were inactive. Mrs. Robin, however, let me know in no uncertain terms that at least one of the nests is active! She proceeded to sit in the tree beside the woodshed and yell at me for the entire 2 hours it took to move the wood. I guess I should feel lucky that she didn't dive bomb me. My arms are killing me. The wood was piled up in a rather wet area. (We didn't realize that when we had them put it there) This being the case, I couldn't use a wheelbarrow. So, is moved and piled in the woodshed. I think Mama did good! LOL!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God has a sense of humor

I hope no one is offended by my title, but isn't it the truth? The reason I say this is because we got another letter in the mail today. It was the receipt letter from USCIS about our application. There were 3 letters mailed out on the 14th from the same USCIS office. The two most important (in my eyes) were the fingerprint letters. But knowing that having those letters made me not care about the receipt letter, He let me get that one today. Maybe I am making too much of this, but sometimes you have to giggle.

Also, today was my last day working as a full time pharmacy technician. It has been a solid job for me, but I have grown to hate it! A few issues with the job had me at my whits end. I will still be working for the same company, but in a training capacity. I guess I will be using my education degree after all.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Almost 2 years ago...

A couple years ago, I had another blog. I was looking at it tonight and found my first post about Little Man. I can't believe it was almost 2 years ago that I found my son. (I didn't think he would be mine at that point)

Monday, July 14, 2008
Reece's Rainbow
I'm not exactly sure when I found Reece's Rainbow and I guess it doesn't really matter. This amazing site is dedicated to finding families for children across the world with Downs syndrome. They also have a section of their site called "other angels." These little ones have different special needs. I go to this site EVERY day. I find myself looking at the pictures of waiting kids and wondering if one (or more) of them are my kids. One specific little boy really caught my eye. They call him Vance and he lives in Eastern Europe. I have never had such a strong emotional response to a waiting child picture before. The interesting thing is that this child actually looks like he could be Honey's son. And I'm not being biased...I showed the people at work and they agreed that there was a strong resemblance. So I inquired about him. Sadly, his country does not accept singles to adopt and I was informed that there were several families interested in him. So, even if Honey and I got married tomorrow, we would be too late. I noticed yesterday that Vance now has a "my forever family found me" banner by his profile. I was devastated when I first found out that he wouldn't be mine, but surprisingly, I am comforted now that I know that his family is doing what they have to do to bring him home. I truly hope that this family has a blog. I still feel a connection to this child and I hope that I can watch the progress of him coming home. Who knows...maybe one day I will be in the adopting family section of this site. Seeing the little faces makes it almost impossible for me to not want to bring them home. We will see.

**edited to add...I'm not sure what happened, but the banner is gone from Vance's profile. I don't know if his family backed out, or if they realized they don't qualify. Please pray his forever family finds him soon!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Big exhale!

Well, I truly showed my lack of faith the last few days. I prayed over and over for God to work things out so we could go get Little Man before the end of June. I was trying to be content in knowing we would probably be going in October, but was failing miserably! Today, God gave me a little nod. We got our fingerprint appointment in the mail today. We didn't get a letter that they received our application, but I really don't care about that. :) Our fingerprint date isn't until June 7th, but we're gonna try the trick a few Reece's Rainbow families have talked about. We are going to try to go as a walk in. We really hope it works out...but I'm trying to be patient.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I am tired! *Warning, sarcastic negative post!!

I am tired of defending our decision to adopt. I am tired of defending our decision to adopt an older child. I am tired of defending our decision to adopt an older child with a special need. And I am tired of defending our decision to adopt an older child with a special need from another country!!! I wish people would understand it is not in their job description as a "friend" (and I use that term loosely now-a-days) to protect us. We know what we are doing! I have researched adoption for about 10 years and I DO know everything that can go wrong. We have prepared ourselves for this possibility and have a game plan for how to deal with it. Just because you refuse to allow yourself to love an orphan, don't try to shove your limitations on me! Our son might not have our genes, but he will have our love and understanding and he will have a forever place in our home! Period...enough said!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

How do you know?

I have a feeling that we are going to end up having to wait until October to bring Little Man home. But, how do I know if it is God's will for me to just trust His will to wait or if He is trying to see how hard I am willing to fight to bring Little Man home by the end of June?

Literally everything is done for this adoption except for our USCIS approval. I tried to call them yesterday to see if they got our application, but the guy refused to even look it up. "It's taking a lot longer than a couple weeks for us to receive applications. You just need to wait!" Here's the interesting thing...a family that sent her application just a few days before us received their fingerprint appointment today. Now, if they got their appointment today, their application was received last week (I would assume early) and USCIS had time to go over their info and contact their local USCIS office to arrange their fingerprint appointment. I am not begrudging this other family...I am truly happy for them. I am just jealous and I hate that! If I knew 100% that we had to wait, I think it would be easier. But the thought that we might squeak in for June keeps me on pins and needles. I just need to know before I drive myself (and Honey) nuts.

On a side note, Honey bought Little Man's bed day before yesterday. It is one of the cutest bunk bed sets I have ever seen. So, I have a week and a half to get all my craft stuff emptied out of his room and get it painted and ready to receive his bed. Seeing his room done will really make me want him home...NOW!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 good things...and only 1 bad

The I600-A application made it yesterday...signed for and everything! And, our dossier made it to Little Man's country today. Woohoo! Next step, our application and homestudy will be forwarded to another USCIS office to be reviewed, then it will be sent to our local office for them to assign a fingerprint date. Once we get notification that they have received our application, hopefully it will have a phone number and/or email address of the person handling our application. Maybe I will be able to get in contact with them to beg them to expedite things due to the country adoption closure. We will see. Our dossier will be translated and submitted to adoption officials in Little Man's country.

Bad news...wire transfer made it. You would think that would be good news, but it was supposed to be 650 Euros and someone messed up and sent it for 650 dollars. Honey will be going to the bank tomorrow to rectify it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The bank called Honey today to say that the wire transfer failed. Thinking quickly, Honey took the money to another bank (that he still had an account at) and wired it from there. The guy at the new bank really seemed to know what he was doing and didn't bat an eye at the foreign info. Woohoo! Here's hoping he really does know what he's doing!

Only one other issue, our I600-A was supposed to make it today. But the status is "forwarded." What the heck? I mailed it to the address on the USCIS site. Why would they have an address listed that isn't correct or needs to be forwarded? If I knew there was another address, I would have overnighted it to that address. GRRRR! Time is truly of the essence. Little Man's country closes adoptions for the months of July, August and September. (Government officials take vacations during this time) Our adoption team is doing their best to get us an appointment before the close, but we have to have our immigration approval. I have seen a few families that have received their fingerprint appointment just a few weeks after they sent their application and their approval a couple weeks after that. That is best case scenario....about a month from sending. That would work! But, I have also seen families that took months (one took 4 months) for their approval. I have been praying almost non-stop that God would get us the approval by the first week of June. I pray He does not want us to wait until October to bring Little Man home!

Big chunk gone!

Honey was able to get our dossier sent out today. Since we are AAA members, he got a discount (gotta love that!) bringing the total to send it $134.63 which didn't seem too bad compared to some others I've read about. He also overnighted our I600-A to Texas. Wiring the money turned into a hassle. Our bank couldn't make heads or tails of the form Shelley had sent me. Luckily, Honey works with 2 girls from the country next door to Little Man's country and when he took the form to them, they kind of translated it. It's not that the form was in a different language, just the addresses and stuff are written differently. So, back to the bank he went and they think it worked. We will be watching our account closely to make sure it works. It's probably a good thing I worked today...I couldn't check the status on our packages 15 thousand times.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Made it home!

Driving 14 hours straight...ugh! My body is so sore from sitting still for so long. But at least I am home! I was so very excited when Honey pulled out our dossier and I saw all the documents with their pretty gold seals attached to them! He is mailing our dossier out to Little Man's country tomorrow, mailing our I600-A (immigration application to bring an orphaned child into this country) to Texas, and wiring our translation fee to our facilitator. Somehow it still doesn't seem real. But this is a huge step in our adoption journey. Off to bed...have to work tomorrow. :(

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emotionally exhausted

This week has been a doozy. (Did I spell that right?) I emailed my SW last Saturday (after making my last post) and asked her just to tell me when she could meet me to get the homestudy. "Tell me when you can meet and I will make it work for me!" I explained our hurry and she agreed to make it work on Sunday. I drove about 45 minutes to the town she lives in to meet to get our homestudy. So very excited! One problem...the licenses (her SW license and agency license) were not notarized. UGH!! Another panicked email to Shelley and she explained the easy fix for that. Woohoo!!

Well, Sunday night my dad called me and said that my grandpa (Daddy's dad) wasn't doing well. He had gone to the doctor and found out that he had bone cancer and was given 2-3 weeks to live. On Monday, my mom called my cell (while I was at work) and told me that he had passed away Monday morning. So...2-3 weeks turned into 5 days. I arranged to leave on Wed to come back to the Mountains for his funeral. Before I left, Honey and I went to the bank and got our final documents notarized for our dossier. Honey decided to stay at home and take care of the animals, and he went to the Secretary of State's office on Thurs and got all our documents apostilled (other than the ones that were already done). So, when I get back home, I get to mail out our homestudy to Little Man's country!

Grandpa's funeral was yesterday. We had the graveside service and then the family went to a local buffet restaurant for lunch. My uncle (Daddy's brother) called yesterday evening to tell us that he came home to find his wife had died while he was at the funeral. She had been feeling poorly lately (that's why she didn't go to the funeral), but not so bad that anyone thought this could happen. I truly wish I could stay for her funeral, but it isn't until Tuesday and it takes a full day to drive home. I just can't miss another 3 days of work. That makes me feel more guilty than anyone can fathom. I wasn't terribly close to my aunt, but she is still family. This makes the 3rd death in our family in 2 months. And it's the second back to back death we've had in a few years. I have to say, enough is enough!

So, I will probably be driving back tomorrow. It's a 14 hour drive...

Is it normal for me to feel guilty about being so focused on the adoption in the midst of all this death. My Grandpa didn't understand (or agree) with our adopting from another country. Maybe that's it. I just don't know how to feel about anything right now.

**I'm sorry for how choppy this post ended up. I just reread it and see how disjointed it is. I guess my brain is mush!