Thursday, May 6, 2010

2 good things...and only 1 bad

The I600-A application made it yesterday...signed for and everything! And, our dossier made it to Little Man's country today. Woohoo! Next step, our application and homestudy will be forwarded to another USCIS office to be reviewed, then it will be sent to our local office for them to assign a fingerprint date. Once we get notification that they have received our application, hopefully it will have a phone number and/or email address of the person handling our application. Maybe I will be able to get in contact with them to beg them to expedite things due to the country adoption closure. We will see. Our dossier will be translated and submitted to adoption officials in Little Man's country.

Bad news...wire transfer made it. You would think that would be good news, but it was supposed to be 650 Euros and someone messed up and sent it for 650 dollars. Honey will be going to the bank tomorrow to rectify it.

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