Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Big chunk gone!

Honey was able to get our dossier sent out today. Since we are AAA members, he got a discount (gotta love that!) bringing the total to send it $134.63 which didn't seem too bad compared to some others I've read about. He also overnighted our I600-A to Texas. Wiring the money turned into a hassle. Our bank couldn't make heads or tails of the form Shelley had sent me. Luckily, Honey works with 2 girls from the country next door to Little Man's country and when he took the form to them, they kind of translated it. It's not that the form was in a different language, just the addresses and stuff are written differently. So, back to the bank he went and they think it worked. We will be watching our account closely to make sure it works. It's probably a good thing I worked today...I couldn't check the status on our packages 15 thousand times.

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