Wednesday, May 19, 2010

God has a sense of humor

I hope no one is offended by my title, but isn't it the truth? The reason I say this is because we got another letter in the mail today. It was the receipt letter from USCIS about our application. There were 3 letters mailed out on the 14th from the same USCIS office. The two most important (in my eyes) were the fingerprint letters. But knowing that having those letters made me not care about the receipt letter, He let me get that one today. Maybe I am making too much of this, but sometimes you have to giggle.

Also, today was my last day working as a full time pharmacy technician. It has been a solid job for me, but I have grown to hate it! A few issues with the job had me at my whits end. I will still be working for the same company, but in a training capacity. I guess I will be using my education degree after all.

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