Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The bank called Honey today to say that the wire transfer failed. Thinking quickly, Honey took the money to another bank (that he still had an account at) and wired it from there. The guy at the new bank really seemed to know what he was doing and didn't bat an eye at the foreign info. Woohoo! Here's hoping he really does know what he's doing!

Only one other issue, our I600-A was supposed to make it today. But the status is "forwarded." What the heck? I mailed it to the address on the USCIS site. Why would they have an address listed that isn't correct or needs to be forwarded? If I knew there was another address, I would have overnighted it to that address. GRRRR! Time is truly of the essence. Little Man's country closes adoptions for the months of July, August and September. (Government officials take vacations during this time) Our adoption team is doing their best to get us an appointment before the close, but we have to have our immigration approval. I have seen a few families that have received their fingerprint appointment just a few weeks after they sent their application and their approval a couple weeks after that. That is best case scenario....about a month from sending. That would work! But, I have also seen families that took months (one took 4 months) for their approval. I have been praying almost non-stop that God would get us the approval by the first week of June. I pray He does not want us to wait until October to bring Little Man home!

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  1. Glad things are moving along! BTW, you're not the first one I've heard of whose app was 'forwarded'. A lady that's adopting from Ukraine emailed me last week and mentioned that she had the same thing happen with hers. Who knows, maybe this is some new way they're doing things. They always keep us guessing, don't they? Good luck!

    Jenn in Georgia