Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have you ever been cursed out by a robin?

Well, let me tell is not pretty. I decided that my first day off work should be full. I wanted to show Honey that having me stay home was a productive thing. :) This house has a wood stove. And anyone who knows me knows that I am somewhat of a pyromaniac. But one of the downfalls of having a wood stove is the wood. Moving here in November made it impossible for us to cut our own wood, so we had some delivered. The lady we bought the house from had some wood in the basement as well as in a woodshed. We ended up using that almost exclusively for this winter. But anyway, the delivered wood. It has sat in a pile all winter. I decided today (being a sunny day) would be a good time to move the wood to the woodshed. Enter the robin. There are 3 bird nests built in the rafters of the woodshed, but Honey and I thought they were inactive. Mrs. Robin, however, let me know in no uncertain terms that at least one of the nests is active! She proceeded to sit in the tree beside the woodshed and yell at me for the entire 2 hours it took to move the wood. I guess I should feel lucky that she didn't dive bomb me. My arms are killing me. The wood was piled up in a rather wet area. (We didn't realize that when we had them put it there) This being the case, I couldn't use a wheelbarrow. So, is moved and piled in the woodshed. I think Mama did good! LOL!!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for commenting on our Blog! I love the Ministry of RR and I love "meeting" the families who commit to the very Special Children shown. I have seen Vance's sweet face many times and am thankful to your family. I am so thrilled to have "found" two little Girl's in my Son's Orphanage that will now have the chance to meet their full potential and have a family to call their own...forever! I look forward to following your Journey and I pray you hold Vance, very soon.