Thursday, September 23, 2010

Again with the dreams

Night before last I dreamed that Honey and I were there...waiting in a room for them to bring Little Man in. Then, he was there. Honey picked him up and plopped him in my lap and he was as happy as could be. He was all smiles and chatter. Then...they brought in a little girl. It was Nellie from Reece's Rainbow. She was my Christmas Angel last year. When I picked her up, she was all giggles and just such a happy baby. Now, I can't stop thinking about her. Sadly, at this time, adopting her is probably not possible. I'm not sure that our SW would approve us so soon (especially since Little Man isn't even home) and Nellie turns 4 in November. I pray that her orphanage is one of the ones that waits to transfer until age 5 so she might still have some time. I am hoping to have her as my Christmas Angel again this year. Maybe this dream was God's way of telling me that I needed to advocate for this child. Her parents are out there...finding them might be easier if she has a big grant.

So, last night's dream. I was looking on Reece's Rainbow and came to our FSP. We weren't at $0 anymore!! We had $500 in our family grant. I know that sounds silly for me to worry about that, but having someone contribute to our grant would make it feel like we have support. Ok, my pity party is over.

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