Monday, September 6, 2010

Another weird dream

Sometimes dreams drive me nuts. Early this morning was another example. I dreamed that Honey and I were in Boston on vacation. I checked email and realized there was an email from our facilitator telling us that Little Man's country wanted us there ASAP. So, Honey packed our suitcases and we went to the airport. He bought tickets to Little Man's country. Then it dawned on me. We didn't have our paperwork. We didn't have our passports. We didn't have any clothing other than what we had brought for this short vacation. We didn't have the money. But Honey was decided...we were going! I woke up anxious and totally confused. I almost expected to come downstairs and find an email saying we needed to get going. But I didn't. The officials were supposed to all be back by the 1st of September. We hopefully will hear something soon. I just need to make sure not to tell Honey until I have everything together. :)

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