Sunday, September 26, 2010

How we knew...part 1

Probably 4 or 5 years ago, I found an adoption blog/site that listed TONS of Ukrainian adoption blogs. For quite a long time, I felt that my child/ren would come from, I soaked up all the info I could on adoptions from Ukraine. I would read blogs for hours on end...looking at all the kids that were coming home and getting rare glimpses of other children that needed a family. It was probably June or July 2007 that I found a blog that would change my view. I came across Shelley's adoption blog for Xander. (BTW, thank you Shelley!!) She had a button on her blog for Reece's Rainbow and curiosity got me. I clicked over to see what Reece's Rainbow was. All of a sudden, the glimpses of children needing families were no longer rare. They were right in my face...everyday! I became addicted! I went to Reece's Rainbow EVERYDAY and stared at the many faces of children who were waiting...hoping. I fell in love with a new face almost daily. I prayed that one of the little ones would be mine. Honey and I weren't married at that point but Ukraine hadn't banned singles yet, so I still "had a chance." I waited for the time to be right...and my impatience was showing big time.

Fast forward to June 2008. A little boy was listed on the "other angels" page. He was an adorable little blond boy...who looked unbelievably like Honey. His eyes called to me. But his country did not accept singles to adopt. (He was not in Ukraine) Still, I inquired about him (in case Honey wanted to get married The response was something like, "We have several families who have made inquiries about him." So basically, even if Honey and I got married the very next day and started the process, it would be too late. Not too long after my inquiry, Little Man's picture was moved to the "my forever family found me" section. My heart hurt, but I was happy he found him family.

To be continued...

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