Monday, September 27, 2010

How we knew...part 2

The family that had committed to Little Man soon set up a blog and I was happy to follow! I was happy watching them go through the process preparing to bring him home. Then, it seemed out of nowhere, he was back listed on the "other angels" page. My heart broke! So, once again I started praying for him...knowing that any day he would be back on the "found" area. Quite a while went by. I couldn't understand why he was still available. Remember...many families had inquired about him.

Fast forward to January 2010. I read on the message board that Little Man's country occasionally allowed singles to adopt on a case by case basis. Honey and I were engaged and living together (we were planning on getting married very soon). But...Honey was 51 and also had a "ding" on his background check from many years before. Little Man's country requires a COMPLETELY CLEAN BACKGROUND CHECK and prefers the adoptive parents be under 50. So, once again I inquired. I asked if I could adopt him as a single even though Honey and I lived together and explained about his age and background check issue. I was told that if we wanted to do this, we should just get married and try to get approval.

So, we got married. :) 9 days later, (on my birthday), we had our first meeting with our social worker. We also sent a permission request to Little Man's country to adopt. Just a week later, we received approval to adopt from his country. Against all odds...they approved us. Then there came the issue (from our social worker's point of view) about the length of our marriage. We had been together for 7 years and somehow, she was cool with that. She trusted that our relationship was strong even though we had only been married a VERY short time. :)

The rest of our process went relatively smoothly. When we hit a turned out to not really be a bump. (Does that make sense?) We missed traveling before the summer, but God had a reason. We will be going to get our son in November. We started the process on my birthday...we will be in Little Man's country on Honey's birthday. How cool is that?

So, that's how we knew.

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  1. He was the kid that drew me into RR. And he found a family and I was thrilled! and then I was heartbroken when they couldn't adopt him (I think they are adopting another child, is that correct?) so when you guys committed to him I was SO HAPPY!