Monday, September 13, 2010

I wonder

When I sit alone...I think. There are so many questions that I have about Little Man. What is his favorite color? Is he a train boy or a truck boy (or both)? What does his little voice sound like? Does he like animals? Does he have a favorite cartoon?

But these questions bring up another set of questions. Does he know his colors? Has he even had the option to have favorite toys or does he just play with what he has? Has he started talking yet (he still wasn't speaking more than simple syllables when he was 4)? Will he be allergic or afraid of our pets? Does his foster family have a TV and if they do, do they let him watch cartoons?

Then more. Is he going to school? Will I find out any new info on his bio parents? Have his bio parents seen him since he was an infant? Is he afraid of the dark? What does he like to eat (and will I be able to find recipes to make some food he is familiar with)?

Am I going to drive myself crazy with questions? That I think I know the answer to!!

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