Sunday, October 31, 2010

I did it!

I actually made it through the month of October and posted 31 times! :) True, a couple of the posts were done the next day and dated for the day before. (Shhhhh, don't tell!) But I did 31 posts and for me, that's something.

Happy Halloween! I was thinking about it tonight, and I only remember trick or treating once. Our church usually had a harvest party around Oct 31st and we dressed up for that. There was usually a theme. One year we were people from the Bible...I think I was Mary (all the girls looked pretty much the same though) One year the theme was movie characters...I was the Tin Man, with a funnel on my head and everything. LOL!

We only had 3 trick or treaters tonight...and they all came in the same car. We live on a dirt road so the fact that we had any was shocking....although I think it was our neighbors' kids. I bought a bag of single serving oreo minis. I have some left for Little Man when he gets home. :)

One more thing and then I've gotta go to bed. A while ago I had a strange dream (you're shocked by that, right?). I was packing to leave and one of the things that I NEEDED to bring with me was spices. (I remember reading on a blog years ago that if there is a spice you use a lot...bring some with you to make cooking easier on you.) Anyway, instead of just bringing bottles of spices, I was making single servings out of them. I put these single servings (about a tsp of each) in a weekly planner box for medications (see below). I woke up thinking it was a good idea...I can plan to make spaghetti or something like that and have my spices pre-measured. Am I totally nuts?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Telling everyone

I worked today with Honey. :) That doesn't happen often so I enjoy it when it does. So, it has started. I think I told almost every customer today that was picking up a prescription that Honey and I were leaving in 2 weeks to finish our adoption. So many shocked faces! The few customers that remember me from when I worked this store years ago were excited for us. I was very excited because the daughter of the man who used to deliver for the store came in today. The man who used to deliver LOVED me!! And in turn, his daughter loved me too! Sadly, he passed away a couple years ago, but his daughter still hugs me so tight every time she sees me. She came into the store today and I was able to tell her that we have 2 more weeks. I thought she was going to cry! I know her daddy is looking down on us from Heaven with a smile a mile wide. He knew how much I wanted to be a mommy! Tomorrow marks the wait time being a week and change.....oh my!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Another freak out moment

Today Honey was talking to me about what I am working (I am only working part-time fill-in work right now and a couple other special projects). I told him that I work next Monday and Tuesday and maybe Saturday. Then he said, "Don't forget, you work the Thursday after that for that inventory." I am doing the inventory help 2 days before we leave. So, in other words, we have this next week and the week after that and then we leave! I almost started hyperventilating!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Love this story

I read this story a while ago...I'm not exactly sure where I found it. It is about a pastor in Ohio who "loaned" $50 to each of his adult church members and $10 to the children. He had just preached a sermon about the parable of the talents from the book of Matthew. (I always loved that parable when I was a kid!) So many people say that they don't have money to give to orphans (although they seem to have money for Starbucks and McDonalds, but let's not go there!) Read the story and see if it inspires you like it did me. If you started with $50, how much do you think you could end with?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

:( bummer

My new computer doesn't work. Honey is sending it back tomorrow to get a replacement. I was really looking forward to breaking it in before our trip. Guess I'll have to wait for the new one.

On another note, I'm trying to figure out how to finish my train Christmas ornament. It has a letter blog as the area on the back (conductor's room) and an old wine cork as the engine area. The smoke stack is a golf tee with a wooden bead. I can't figure out the wheels....I mean, I know what I'm going to use as wheels. I just can't figure out how to attach them and make it look right. UGH! My brain is fried. I usually have no problem figuring out a craft project. I can't have crafter's block right now real life fair is in 8.5 days.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

So cool!!

Honey got a package in the mail today. When he got home from work, he opened it up! It had my new laptop (actually I guess it's called a netbook) in it!! It's the cutest little 10 inch computer and I love it! It's the perfect size to take with us to Little Man's country. It's getting so close and I guess I am still having problems believing it is real. I really should get over that! :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Nothing on my mind

I can't even think of a subject to blog about today. I am so focused on crocheting and getting stuff done that needs to happen before we leave in 19 days. I need to get my car registration redone that expires at the end of this month (actually finished that online a little bit ago). I ordered Little Man's booster seat for my car!! That was exciting! I need to close out my bank account from the Mountains. That money is needed for the adoption or the garage (not sure which). I need to find as many hours as I can right now at the pharmacies (I float so I need to call all "my" stores) The funny thing is that when I am at the stores, all I can think of is that I need to be home to crochet. When I'm home, I think I need to be working since I make more money working than crocheting. The grass is always greener, huh? So, that is about it....back to crocheting...for now anyway. Work in the morning.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The room is almost there

Honey painted Little Man's room a couple weeks ago. He did touch up work last weekend. We moved his bunk beds to where we wanted them today. (When we first had them delivered, I asked the guys to put them to the side of the room. The guys told me that wouldn't work and put them where they wanted them. GRRR!) But we put them where we wanted them today....and, shocker, it looked fine! We have a tractor puzzle to put up on one wall, and Honey ordered a laminated map of Little Man's country to go on another wall. (My mom works at a nursing home and there is a younger man there who puts puzzles together all the time. When Mama saw him putting a tractor one together, she asked him if she could buy it. :) I also put the tractor fleece blanket Mama bought on his bed today. The only thing left really is to get my craft stuff out of his closet and paint his bookshelves. And it will be ready to be occupied by Little Man! (Boy, I can't wait to share his name with you guys!)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Less than 500 hours!

We leave 3 weeks from today....3 weeks is 21 days which is 504 hours. Since it is 9:30, that means that we will leave in less than 500 hours! We got our plane tickets right after we got our date, so that is one thing we don't have to do. We still have to find a place to stay...which you would think would be easy. Well, we're not exactly sure which city to stay in, so it's not easy. We are still waiting to hear from our facilitator to know if we should stay in the capital or closer to Little Man's town (an hour from the capital city). We are also trying to figure out exactly how much money to bring with us. We have to get new money from the bank and probably change some money into least enough to cover our facilitator's fee. 3 weeks isn't very much time at all, is it? I am not nervous about getting Little Man. That part feels natural...we are just getting our son. The rest of it....well, let's just say I'm not dealing with it nearly as well.

Friday, October 22, 2010


The decision I had made was about my job. I work as a pharmacy tech. A couple months ago, I accepted a position with the company to be the tech trainer for my district. In this position, I needed to hold classes with the techs to teach them how our company works and prepare them for a certification class. Since I have a degree in education, I figured I was qualified. The problem...the last few months, I have been terribly preoccupied. (Duh, right?) I went back and forth with this...stressing the whole way. I hadn't held any classes yet, since I was trying to figure out a lesson plan of sorts. I told Honey that I wanted to quit the position. I told my mom I wanted to quit the position. Both told me that they thought I should keep with it and hold a few classes to see how I felt about it. I just was too overwhelmed with the adoption, wanting to home school Little Man for a little while, and trying to figure out this a whole host of other stresses. I met with my district manager today....actually had lunch with her. After making small talk for almost an hour...I dropped the bomb. I told her that I just didn't think I could do the job. She told me that she didn't want me to make this decision right now. She thought that with all the emotions and stresses right now, she just didn't think I was thinking straight. She said that after Little Man comes home and we all get somewhat settled, I can figure it out. If I still don't want to do it, she will find someone else. I am very thankful I have a manager who is so understanding.

Someone not too long ago posed a question (I think it was on Reece's Rainbow's message board). Is there such a thing as adoption brain (like pregnancy brain)? I really think there is. If not, why can I not focus on anything and get overwhelmed at the slightest stress? If not, why do I cry at the drop of a hat and feel nauseous? Why can't I shut my brain off at night so I can just sleep? Please tell me there is adoption brain!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


If you wouldn't mind, please pray for me tomorrow. I have made a very important decision that a few people around me do not agree with. I feel like I am choosing what is best for my family, especially for when Little Man comes home. I know this is cryptic, but I can't share details yet. I do have to say that my stress level has decreased since I made the decision. Once I share the decision with the person I need to tell, I will be more forthcoming. *It has nothing to do with the adoption.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Praise the Lord!!

Sales are starting to come in at Nellie's craft fair. I have had 2 cows and 8 puppets ordered so far! There is only one problem with this...remember my craft fair on Nov 6th?? The one I'm not ready for yet? Yeah, that one! The puppets that I had done are gone...but I am truly not complaining! They might sell or might not sell at my real life craft fair, but online, they are going! I will continue making puppets and if they sell online, they do. I am trying to make other puppets (mermaids, butterflies, clowns, elves, and someone asked me to try a rabbit...but time is just getting away from me) I will figure out something else that is rather quick to have for my other craft fair. I really want to feature Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree at my fair. Andrea said they have some fliers and I might make some basic ones to feature Nellie (since she is my angel!) I pray that she finds a family this Christmas! How wonderful would it be if she wasn't on next year's angel tree...because she was home with her family. If she is, she might be able to hang her own ornament from this year on her family cool would that be???

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our garage is almost finished!! The contractor told us today that they will probably be done tomorrow. We still have to have the roof put on (another guy) and the siding put on (another guy) and the garage door put in (yet another guy). It was cheaper overall to have the other guys do the other stuff other than building. It is exciting that we will have a real garage this winter! We had portable canvas sided garages last winter and although they kept the snow off our vehicles, they didn't keep out the wind! And snow still blew in...brrr! Our garage isn't attached, but it will be cool to have it! And there is all kinds of storage in the attic of the garage! Honey is excited about that because he will finally have a place to put all the stuff that is currently in the basement (ie Christmas decorations, my excess craft stuff - although I am selling stuff on Nellie's site so I am getting rid of some craft stuff, other stuff that we probably could get rid of but haven't) So, woohoo!! Our garage will be done in November...right before we leave to go get Little Man!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

100th post

Since this is my 100th post...I thought I would let you know some things about me.

I have seen this on a couple other blogs and I thought it was cool. (And I wanted to see if I could think of 100 interesting things about me!) :)

1. The name on my official birth certificate is Melissa Ann. (I did have it fixed so it didn't cause a problem with the adoption)
2. The name on my social security card is Melissa Anne. (How did that happen?)
3. I was born in a city which is 1 hour from where my parents lived
4. I graduated from Calvary Christian School in the same city (My brother and I drove an hour each way to school every day my senior year.)
5. I was Valedictorian of my high school class.
6. I am a member of the National Honor Society.
7. I was one of those rare kids who enjoyed school.
8. I first visited Niagara Falls when I was 10.
9. I was terrified to look over the edge...I guess I thought I would fall.
10. I have 2 younger and one older. (Sadly no sisters unless you count sisters-in-law)
11. My parents are still married (I didn't realize how rare that is until recently)
12. My mom is by far my best friend (and has been as long as I can remember)
13. I have never really had a fight with my mom.
14. My cat's name is Sammy.
15. I have wanted to have kids longer than I have wanted to be married. (I knew I wanted kids even when I still thought boys had cooties.)
16. When I was a little girl, my imaginary friend's name was Jesse and she was a homeless girl that I wanted my parents to adopt.
17. I have a dog named Bailey.
18. I went through a phase of being a bully when I was in 6th grade.
19. I beat up all the boys in my class (in a Christian School) and still won the Christian Character award at the end of the year. (I still don't know how that happened)
20. My Husband's name is Willis (but most people call him Bill) Whatchu talking about Willis?? :)-
21. He loves me more than I deserve.
22. My favorite novel is Morgan's Run by Colleen McCullough (author of The Thorn Birds)
23. I'm not a big fan of The Thorn is just too sad!
24. I have read Morgan's run at least 10 times and listened to the audio book about 50 times.
25. I pick up pennies off the sidewalk...even if they are grimy. My hands are washable!
26. I graduated from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL.
27. I have a degree in Elementary religious education.
28. I have not taught a day outside of student teaching.
29. I have worked as a day care teacher, nanny, 3rd shift cashier at Krystals (the south's version of White Castle), loan officer/phone rep at a credit union, and a pharmacy technician.
30. I'm not sure I will ever teach in a formal school setting. (I have thought of homeschooling my kids when I bring them home though.)
31. I took 3 years of German in high school.
32. My German was good enough back then that I almost went to Germany as an exchange student my senior year. (I barely remember any now)
33. I am trying to learn Russian (it is so much harder for me than German!)
34. I worked at a Christian camp that was founded for deaf children the summer after my freshman year in college. (Bill Rice Ranch)
35. I only knew a little sign language but was able to do devotions in understandable sign for my cabin one night. (That was one of my proudest moments.)
36. I now interpret (a little that is) for our deaf customers at my pharmacy.
37. I am unable to have biological children due to endometriosis and a malformed uterus. (Is that too personal a comment to make on this??? Wait, this is my blog! :)
38. My toes are cold almost all the time...especially at night.
39. I started the adoption process 9 days after I got married.
40. I play Pogo games WAY too much!
41. I got in trouble in elementary school for "smoking" a candy cigarette. (Christian school)
42. When my grandmother died, I collapsed onto the floor.
43. My grandfather gave me all my grandmother's crocheting stuff. (I cherished it!)
44. I also inherited her teddy bears. (These were the bears she used to hug when she had to cough after her open heart surgery. She said holding something made coughing hurt less. Needless to say, the bears are also cherished!)
45. I love the Harry Potter books and movies.
46. I listen to country music.
47. If a country station is put on, I can sing almost every song word for word.
48. I wanted to try out for my college's singing group (the Alethian singers) but every year during tryouts...I got laryngitis.
49. I cried more than once over that!
50. My brother, Kevin, was accepted to sing with the Alethian singers his Freshman year at Trinity.
51. I met my ex-husband in an AOL chatroom.
52. Even though he is my ex...I don't think meeting on the internet is a bad thing.
53. I love to craft things by upcycling what others would call trash.
54. I was a foster mother to a 14 year old boy when I was 27.
55. I didn't realize how impossible that would be.
56. I tend to be very random...and I can revive a subject from an hour ago without any prompting.
57. My first word was Bob-Bob. (my older brother's name is Bobby)
58. He is also the first person to make me smile.
59. My younger brother was born when I was 13 months old.
60. My mom caught me dragging him around when he was 2 months old. (I thought he was a doll)
61. I forced a penny down his throat when he was 6 months old. (This almost killed him)
62. I told my mom that I just wanted to give him the penny but he wouldn't take it.
63. I hurt him (semi-seriously) about 5 more times before he was 6.
64. Miraculously, he and I are VERY close.
65. I have an "immunity idol" in my living room that my ex and I bought when we were in Mexico.
66. I used to be addicted to Survivor. (I even met Rodger from season 2)
67. I wanted to take tap dance lessons when I was little but my church said dancing was wrong.
68. My favorite ice cream is Ben and Jerry's pistachio pistachio or Cherry Garcia...can't decide
69. I don't deal well when someone treats me like I am an idiot. (Even if I know they are wrong!)
70. I don't like talking on the phone.
71. I never thought I would be a cell phone person.
72. I am addicted to text messaging on my cell though.
73. I am a crier.
74. I cry more than anybody I know. Sad movies, sweet movies, romantic movies, books...even music can make me literally weep.
75. I have 4 poems published.
76. I am in the process of writing a novel. (I just want to see if I can finish it!)
77. I am addicted to reading blogs.
78. I can spend hours looking at adoption websites.
79. Even reading stories of everyday activities of a family can make me shed tears.
80. I pick up bottles and cans along the side of the road when I go for a walk. (They are worth 5 cents here...and that money goes in my adoption fund)
81. I love acting!
82. I was a member of the Trinity Players in college.
83. We were supposed to travel to nearby churches to perform, but 2 days before our first performance, the college president told our adviser that there was no money for travel.
84. We continued to rehearse just in case there was a change.
85. I drink way too much Diet Dr. Pepper.
86. I want to quit before we go to get our son so I don't go through DT's. :)
87. I won 1st place for dramatic presentation in fine arts at the state level my senior year of high school.
88. I saved the score sheets from that competition and still have them.
89. I won a pretty baby contest when I was 2.
90. My Fruity Pebble bars are to die for! (like rice crispie treats only made with Fruity Pebbles)
91. I still have the 1st baby doll I ever owned.
92. The older I get...the more I do things like my mother.
93. My favorite things that I do like her are the things that I used to make fun of her for.
94. I dream about my future children at least once a week. (Lately, EVERY NIGHT!!)
95. I wake up sometimes thinking the dreams were real.
96. I can't wait until the day when I have little ones who wake me up on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons.
97. I share way too much info with people. (I bet you didn't guess that one, did ya??)
98. I respect my brothers but am a little jealous of their lives.
99. I never went on a single date in college (unless you count being a chaperone as a date...My college required chaperones on dates when I went there....I think they might have eased up a bit on that now.)
100. I love laying on the couch with my head in Bill's lap. He knows how to rub my head to get me totally relaxed.

Whew! Finally done...that was a lot harder than I thought it would be. Don't think so? Try it yourself! :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wine corks

I have quite a few wine corks that my brother gave me when he owned a restaurant. I was planning on making a homemade cork board with it...but I have changed my mind. I have found a couple things online about making Christmas ornaments with upcycled corks. I made a tiny Christmas tree tonight that should make a cute ornament. I'm really trying to make some quick things for my craft fair in 3 weeks...make that 2 weeks and 6 days. (insert scream here!) I am not even close to ready...but I did this fair about 3 years ago and did pretty well there. I have 4 or 5 granny square afghans ready and they always sell. I am getting puppets done (and since they're not selling on Nellie's craft fair blog yet, I will take them). I have a few ornaments that I made a few years ago from upcycled yogurt cup tops. And I also have some crocheted wreaths ornaments (these were crocheted around upcycled milk jug rings *do you see a trend here?) Do you have any ideas of some quick crafts I can get done for my fair? I am especially hoping to use the corks...I probably have about 100 of them. I am donating all the money raised to Nellie's angel tree fund. I REALLY want her to be at least to $1000 (hoping and praying for more!) All ideas are welcome!!

Oh, yeah, I also have some scrabble tile necklaces that I got into this summer. They aren't the best quality (not even close to Sarah's-the wonderful lady who has donated so much to Reece's Rainbow families recently!) But my family seemed to like them. I guess I will see if people buy them. :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

I was beginning to think

I wasn't going to put this on here...I'm not sure it will make sense. I was beginning to think I was pregnant. I have been nauseous every evening (early morning 2-4am) for almost a month. I am fine the rest of the day. I have been SOOOOO tired!! I can sleep for 8 hours and wake up feeling like I haven't slept at all...I can take a nap in the afternoon (an hour) and not have any issues going to sleep at night. I cry at the drop of a hat! (That's not too abnormal, but it seems more than usual) Um, certain areas of my body are VERY sore! I can't seem to get my brain to focus on anything. I haven't missed my time, but with my luck...if I ever did get pregnant, I would be one of those that had bleeding every month or so. I knew I wasn't pregnant. I have a couple anatomical abnormalities that make getting pregnant (the normal way) VERY unlikely. But, I took a test today anyway. Why is it that even though I knew in my brain that I wasn't...why did it break my heart when the test was negative? Why is it that I can grieve not having a bio baby when I thought I had gotten past that years ago? Why should it upset me because with our travel date being just 4 weeks away...getting pregnant now probably wouldn't be the "best time"? Why can't I just be content with knowing that we are going to get our son and understand that a baby might be too much too quick? Why? Why? Why?

Friday, October 15, 2010


This post isn't going to be much. I'm tired, nauseous, headachy, and just all around YUCK! Not sure how I made it to 11pm...I really should be in bed. Guess I should let the dog out first. I don't think I can deal with cleaning out her crate tomorrow. Night all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crocheting like a mad woman!

After yesterday's shock of losing Anne Marie, my heart and fingers are in overdrive. I began to realize that these children truly are at risk...and the clock/calendar are their enemies. Birthdays are not a time to celebrate when you are a child with special needs living in an orphanage. They are just reminders that you are alone and if you are not chosen in time...we don't even want to go there!

So, I am crocheting! I don't do well asking people for money...for anything! When I was in middle school, I was in the band. We would have money collection times where we would stand outside stores, banks, etc, with cans asking for donations. I WAS TERRIBLE AT IT!! I felt so embarrassed! And even now, I have issues with pride in that respect. But I am doing what I can! Nellie is worth tired fingers! When the Christmas Angel Tree is officially underway, I will post on facebook often about it. I will let people know that these children need people to, prayers, families. But for now...the least I can do is sell my crafts to benefit this child. I got my application for a "real life" craft fair so in addition to what I sell on Nellie's blog, I have to make sure I have enough craft fair fodder for my real fair. Gotta go...more crocheting to do!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What can I say?

Today I am sad...that doesn't even begin to describe what I feel. I am so broken. Today a little girl died alone...she hadn't even turned 5 yet. Why was she sentenced to die alone? She was born with an extra chromosome...she had Down syndrome. She was called Anne Marie on Reece's Rainbow. There were so many families that loved this little girl. There was more than one family who wanted to go get her and make her a part of their family. Why didn't they go? Because lack of money prevented it. There are so many families that would love to adopt. There are so many families that look at the children on Reece's Rainbow and dream about taking them from the life they lead in an orphanage. They have plenty to give the child/ren, but they lack the $20,000-$25,000 it takes to complete the adoption. We, as Christians, are told several times in the Bible to care for why don't we? I am not saying that everyone is called to adopt...although I would love to. But if all Christians would give something to orphans (maybe give up your $5 coffee or take lunch to work for a week and give the $20 or so you save on food...something), the ones who are called to adopt would not have to worry about the financial aspect of adoption. They can just focus on preparing themselves and their homes for their new bundle.

"Why should I help another is their choice to bring another child into their family." I have actually heard this question and it makes my skin crawl. How selfish is that? It's not like the family is asking you to help them pay for their Caribbean cruise or a million dollar home! It is a innocent child! And believe it or not, every penny helps!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Uh, oh

Honey surprised me today. He asked me if a 6 year old has a clock in his room. I'm not too sure about that. But his reasoning is because he saw a really cute Charlie Brown wall clock and he was dying to buy it. Then he got to wondering if he should have a clock on the wall or a beside the bed clock. Then he started thinking about what we should put on the wall or should we wait until he is home and can decide for himself what he likes. (We finished painting this weekend. I had bought a border that turned out to look way too young for him...think nursery. Now I'm thinking we might wait to put a border up so he can figure out what he wants.)

Honey also saw a train set today. He LOVES trains!! He really wants Little Man to love trains too! With it getting to the Christmas season, (can't believe I am saying that since Halloween isn't over yet) stores have so many more toys...even pharmacies. He didn't buy the train set, but he REALLY wanted to! We have some toys in Little Man's room, but we don't want to go overboard. We do want him to be able to choose what he wants to play with. :)

Honey is starting to get really excited about having a son. We leave in 31 days and 12 hours.

Monday, October 11, 2010


A while ago, I dreamed about our time in Little Man's country (shocking, huh?) I was sitting with Little Man and I pointed to myself. I asked, "who is this?" He responded with, "Mama!" He had the cutest voice. I then pointed to him and asked, "who is this?" And he responded with, "Alex" Um, no....your name is not Alex. So, I said his name and he tried to say it, but he couldn't even get the beginning blend sound. Hmmm, I said it again and he tried, then pointed to himself and said, "Alex" His name isn't even close to Alex. Not sure what I'm thinking.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The first

It was the summer of 1988. I had just finished 8th grade, and although I don't exactly remember how it all came about, I found myself in Kentucky. The sister of a lady I went to church with worked at a children's home there....Dessie Scott Children's Home. This was, in reality, a sort of orphanage, although I believe it was called (and probably still is, if it is still around) a "group home" for "misplaced children." I was living there, but it was in a ministry type capacity. At that point, there were only 2 children living there, a brother and sister. But this post isn't about them. Dessie Scott also had a daycare where I worked. *I wasn't really supposed to work there...I was, after all, only 14...child labor and all that* But I LOVED working with the kids. I tried to teach the 5 year olds their letters, but when the director of the home found out she put a stop to that. (Still not sure why) But one of the 5 year olds stole my heart. She gave out hugs more freely than all the others...she shared her toys without thinking twice...she had a smile that would melt the hardest hearts...she could be quite a stinker (VERY stubborn) at times...and she happened to have Down syndrome. Her name was Connie. When my parents came to visit me during the summer, Connie completely wrapped my dad around her finger. I still have a few pics from that summer...and every one that my dad is in...Connie is in his arms. :) When I directed my parents to the Angel Tree last year...Daddy said that all he could think of was Connie.

I think about her all the time...every time I see all the waiting kids on Reece's Rainbow. There are so many Connie's out there just waiting for their families to find them!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I've heard it said...

One of my favorite sayings is, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

I am a make-shift cook. I can't tell you how many times I have wanted something (at least when I lived alone) and I somehow used what I had in the house to make something at least close. Where am I going with this? Today was a taco kind of day. I went to the grocery store armed with the "knowledge" that I had everything I needed for tacos except for tortillas. I got home and went to the cupboard to get the packet of taco seasoning. (I bought a ton of taco seasoning quite some time was cheap something like 26 cents each and I love tacos so I went nuts) Well, long story short...there was no taco seasoning. :( So, I went on a search of the internet. I figured there must be a recipe out there somewhere that would enable me to make tacos without going to the store. I found one!!! :) Let me say, it was AMAZING!!! I will probably never buy a packet of taco seasoning again. The flavors were there without being overpowering. It wasn't nearly as salty as the store bought stuff. Now, I just need to find a recipe that can substitute for Hamburger Helper cheeseburger mac. :) Here ya go! Try it yourself...I'm pretty sure you will be a convert too!

The original recipe called for 2 tsps onion powder. I used 1 tsp onion powder and 1 tsp dehydrated chopped onion. I loved it my way....but I'm sure it's good either way. :) Also, instead of adding the water that the packet always calls for, I chopped one of the tomatoes from our garden up in the food processor until it was liquefied and added enough water to make it 3/4 cup. It added SOOO much flavor!

1 Tbs chili powder
1 tsp each
*onion powder
*dehydrated chopped onion
*garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt

Mix all ingredients together in a small bowl. Makes 3 tablespoons of seasoning mix, which is equal in strength to a 1/4 ounce package of commercial seasoning mix.

Friday, October 8, 2010

"What do I do?"

LOL!! That was what Honey asked me last night in my dream. We had Little Man and we were at a bowling alley (?? no idea on that one). Honey looked at me and asked, "What do I do?" I looked over and Little Man had a glass of apple juice, a glass of grape juice and a juice box. My answer to Honey, "He can't have all that juice!" Now, tell me, those who can interpret dreams. What the heck is my mind trying to tell me??

Updating 2 blogs takes more thought than I have today. I put pics of a couple puppets I make on Nellie's blog

So there ya go....I have blogged 8 days in a row! The only problem is that my "31 for 21" hasn't had anything to do with Down that a bad thing??

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blue Ribbon

I can't believe I forgot to post about this! At the end of August, the local fair was held. Now, this fair is one of the largest in New England. In addition to having competitions for best cow, horse, pig, etc., they also have a really large craft and art competition. I decided to enter some of my crafts this year. When I first got the info, I had these visions of taking something for almost every category. Um, that didn't happen. I did, however, take in a set of pillows. When I brought them in, all the ladies at the check in table just stared at them. I used a combination of stitches called front posting and back posting. Using these stitches makes the finished product look like it is woven....I LOVE these stitches! The ladies had never seen it before and kept questioning me making sure that they were crocheted. :) They ended up talking me into having one of the pillows for judging and the other for sale....and told me that they thought it would sell for $15. When Honey took me to the fair, I was excited when I went to the pillow section and saw a pretty blue ribbon attached to my pillow!! A week later when I went in to pick up the pillows (after the fair was over), I was informed that not only did I win the blue ribbon, BOTH of the pillows sold for $15 each!! I was shocked! I guess I will have to make more for next year's fair....only I have to do something different because the rules say you can't make the same thing for subsequent fairs. Hmmm, what can I do? I think a cow is a must next year!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More about yesterday....but today

Honey told me today that the guy that screwed up our lawn actually worked for sub-contractors hired by the lumber company to deliver the trusses. Yes, the guy yesterday was insured and all that stuff...he showed Honey all the paperwork before he started anything (I didn't know that until I asked). Today, Honey got an email from the lumber company asking for his phone numbers. We are guessing that they are going to offer to mend the lawn or something like that in order to get back into our contractor's good graces. (He has used them quite a bit in the past and I'm guessing they don't want to lose future business because of a stupid sub-contractor)

On to better news. I am a crafter...I'm sure I have mentioned that before. Well, I crochet A LOT! Doing craft fairs is one of my favorite activities every fall. I am hoping to do one on Nov 6th. The one I normally do is held the 2nd Saturday of November every year. This year that would be the 13th...the day we leave so obviously I can't do that one. :( But I am trying something different. I am going to do a craft fair, of sorts, on another blog I have. The blog is dedicated to finding a home (and raising money in the process) for a little girl on Reece's Rainbow, Nellie. Right now, I just have one item listed...a country cow. Go on over and check her out..she is pretty cute! :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

5 days in a row

I have blogged for 5 days in a row. :) I think that might be a record for me. I really try....but usually get preoccupied with something else and lose motivation to continue.

Honey and I had the day off and we really wanted to relax. Unfortunately, that was not in the cards. We are having a garage built. Today the lumber guys were delivering the trusses. (I think that's what they are called) Anyway, just as we were getting ready to go out and get some lunch, the guy showed up. He was helper and no equipment (other than the truck he was driving). The trusses weigh 250lbs each and there are 13 of them. The guy drove the truck down into our lawn and Honey helped the guy unload the stupid things. :( An hour later, they were done. But as the guy went to drive away, we realized something...all the rain we have had made it IMPOSSIBLE for the guy to get out of our lawn. He finally decided to call a tow truck after he tried for 1/2 hour to get out by himself. During this 1/2 hour, he completely destroyed our front lawn. There were ruts that were almost a foot deep! To top it off, when the guy called his boss, the boss tried to say that WE are responsible for the tow bill! Our contractor is livid! And we spent the rest of the afternoon trying to fix the holes in our lawn. It took a lot of work and a few bags of topsoil...not to mention digging extra dirt from our side field and a couple bags of grass seed. In a couple months, our lawn might actually look like a lawn again and not a bunch of dirt...but in a couple months, it will be covered by snow so you won't be able to see it anyway. Why can't a day off just be a day off?

Monday, October 4, 2010

More worries...language

It is beginning to dawn on me that Honey and I are going to be going to another country where the majority of people DO NOT speak our language. One of the girls Honey works with (let's call her Beauty...she's one of the girls from the country next to Little Man's) and I talked today. Beauty told me that she kind of chuckles when she thinks of me and Honey in Little Man's country. She can't imagine us there....having little idea how to communicate our needs to people (around town). She said in the capital city there, most people can somewhat communicate in English. Little Man, however, is in foster care in a small town about an hour from the capital city. At this point, we still aren't sure if we will stay in the capital city and travel to visit, or if we will stay in his town. We haven't been able to locate any decent hotels near who knows. Honey is beginning to panic about housing. (He is a planner and NEEDS to know what is going to happen) Communicating with Little Man doesn't really worry me. I have read enough blogs to know that somehow it all works out....eventually. It might be dicey for a while, but we'll make it. Communicating with adults is a whole 'nother ball game. UGH!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sleep...sweet sleep

I LOVE sleep! I have since I was a little girl. Naps are my mom didn't have to convince me to lay down. :) My problem...right now, sleep hides from me. My brain is just so busy all the time. When I climb into bed at night, my mind starts racing. I think about all the things I don't want to forget when we go for Little Man. I try to figure out how much stuff to pack or how little. I ponder ways to make money so we don't completely deplete our savings account to pay for the adoption. (I sometimes wish we would have just a little financial support for the adoption if for no other reason than I would feel like I have some support. I am tired of defending our decision, but I have said that before) I wonder how I am going to manage to raise at least $1000 for my Christmas angel for Reece's Rainbow. (I'm not complaining about was my decision to be a Christmas warrior) I try to figure out how to go about learning my new job (as a technician trainer) when I am working so much at my old job (as a technician). All this stuff is going on in my head...what will life be like when Little Man is home and I have a gazillion different things going through my head?? Oh my, I am looking forward to that!! :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fashion Sense

To be totally honest...I don't really have any. This makes me nervous because the two girls Honey works with who are from Eastern Europe tell me (quite often) that people over there are all about fashion. I am a jeans (or jean shorts in the summer) and t-shirt kind of girl. I know how to dress up...I went to Christian college, after all. But I am just not good with the dress casual or fashionable up-dressing look (not sure how to explain what the difference is...from inside my mind anyway) I don't want the people over there to think I am a slob (which I'm really not...I just like comfort) but my wardrobe just isn't what I think they think it should be. Yes, I realize I am making no sense. I have a very nice skirt and sweater for our meeting with the officials and our adoption ceremony. But will I be ok wearing jeans? I'm sure t-shirts will not be acceptable, but what about sweatshirts or should I just take a sweater or two? HELP....from anyone who can!! Not sure anyone can at this point.

We leave in 41 days and 12 hours or so. (Now, I'm really seeming nuts!)

Friday, October 1, 2010

First of many (posts that is)

I have decided to participate in the "31 for 21 blog challenge." October is Down syndrome awareness month. Although Honey and I are not adopting a child with Down syndrome, I find it important to mention that Reece's Rainbow was originally started to find families for children in other countries who have been blessed with an extra 21st chromosome. And if it weren't for Andrea's burden to start this ministry, we would have never found Little Man! So as boring as it is...this is my first post. I will try to be more interesting as the month goes on.

After all...we leave in 43 days!!!

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