Thursday, October 14, 2010

Crocheting like a mad woman!

After yesterday's shock of losing Anne Marie, my heart and fingers are in overdrive. I began to realize that these children truly are at risk...and the clock/calendar are their enemies. Birthdays are not a time to celebrate when you are a child with special needs living in an orphanage. They are just reminders that you are alone and if you are not chosen in time...we don't even want to go there!

So, I am crocheting! I don't do well asking people for money...for anything! When I was in middle school, I was in the band. We would have money collection times where we would stand outside stores, banks, etc, with cans asking for donations. I WAS TERRIBLE AT IT!! I felt so embarrassed! And even now, I have issues with pride in that respect. But I am doing what I can! Nellie is worth tired fingers! When the Christmas Angel Tree is officially underway, I will post on facebook often about it. I will let people know that these children need people to, prayers, families. But for now...the least I can do is sell my crafts to benefit this child. I got my application for a "real life" craft fair so in addition to what I sell on Nellie's blog, I have to make sure I have enough craft fair fodder for my real fair. Gotta go...more crocheting to do!

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