Saturday, October 2, 2010

Fashion Sense

To be totally honest...I don't really have any. This makes me nervous because the two girls Honey works with who are from Eastern Europe tell me (quite often) that people over there are all about fashion. I am a jeans (or jean shorts in the summer) and t-shirt kind of girl. I know how to dress up...I went to Christian college, after all. But I am just not good with the dress casual or fashionable up-dressing look (not sure how to explain what the difference is...from inside my mind anyway) I don't want the people over there to think I am a slob (which I'm really not...I just like comfort) but my wardrobe just isn't what I think they think it should be. Yes, I realize I am making no sense. I have a very nice skirt and sweater for our meeting with the officials and our adoption ceremony. But will I be ok wearing jeans? I'm sure t-shirts will not be acceptable, but what about sweatshirts or should I just take a sweater or two? HELP....from anyone who can!! Not sure anyone can at this point.

We leave in 41 days and 12 hours or so. (Now, I'm really seeming nuts!)


  1. Yes, you make sense!! You sound like me when we traveled to EE 3yrs ago and even a year ago. :) Jeans are okay. I brought a pair of tan pants as well..oh and black. Coordinated tops to go with. By the time you travel it will be cold. So sweaters would be good. And a jacket! :) Want to know anything else feel free to email. Excited to follow your journey to your son! You will have a good time "it" is a great city to stay in. :)

  2. Yes, you will be find wearing jeans. That is ALL I wear, and no, I did not stand out. A couple of sweaters, jeans and one nice outfit is all you'll need. And like Tammy said, outerwear. The climate is the same as what she and I have here in MN. It is unpredictable this time of year, and can be COLD, or unseasonably warm. Layers are best so you can remove or add as you need.

  3. For our first adoption that landed us in EE in wintertime, I wore jeans a lot. I took nice pants and a nice skirt for days we met with important officials, court, etc. I took sweaters and shirts that could be layered together. That way I was warm and comfy but not too sloppy. Lots of dark colors and things that could easily be mixed and matched. I think sweaters would probably be a better option over sweatshirts. One of the sweaters I took was a navy blue (almost black) oversized v-neck sweater. Then I had several longsleeved shirts that I wore under it to change up the look a little.
    I'm all about comfort too so I totally understand