Sunday, October 10, 2010

The first

It was the summer of 1988. I had just finished 8th grade, and although I don't exactly remember how it all came about, I found myself in Kentucky. The sister of a lady I went to church with worked at a children's home there....Dessie Scott Children's Home. This was, in reality, a sort of orphanage, although I believe it was called (and probably still is, if it is still around) a "group home" for "misplaced children." I was living there, but it was in a ministry type capacity. At that point, there were only 2 children living there, a brother and sister. But this post isn't about them. Dessie Scott also had a daycare where I worked. *I wasn't really supposed to work there...I was, after all, only 14...child labor and all that* But I LOVED working with the kids. I tried to teach the 5 year olds their letters, but when the director of the home found out she put a stop to that. (Still not sure why) But one of the 5 year olds stole my heart. She gave out hugs more freely than all the others...she shared her toys without thinking twice...she had a smile that would melt the hardest hearts...she could be quite a stinker (VERY stubborn) at times...and she happened to have Down syndrome. Her name was Connie. When my parents came to visit me during the summer, Connie completely wrapped my dad around her finger. I still have a few pics from that summer...and every one that my dad is in...Connie is in his arms. :) When I directed my parents to the Angel Tree last year...Daddy said that all he could think of was Connie.

I think about her all the time...every time I see all the waiting kids on Reece's Rainbow. There are so many Connie's out there just waiting for their families to find them!

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  1. I am not sure if you will see this, but I wanted to let you know that Dessie Scott does still exist. It is a residential facility for at risk youth. The day care is gone now, however. Was it in Wilson Hall? I am currently repurposing furniture in that building, and it looks as though a day care was ran there in the basement, but it is in disrepair and abandoned.