Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Our garage is almost finished!! The contractor told us today that they will probably be done tomorrow. We still have to have the roof put on (another guy) and the siding put on (another guy) and the garage door put in (yet another guy). It was cheaper overall to have the other guys do the other stuff other than building. It is exciting that we will have a real garage this winter! We had portable canvas sided garages last winter and although they kept the snow off our vehicles, they didn't keep out the wind! And snow still blew in...brrr! Our garage isn't attached, but it will be cool to have it! And there is all kinds of storage in the attic of the garage! Honey is excited about that because he will finally have a place to put all the stuff that is currently in the basement (ie Christmas decorations, my excess craft stuff - although I am selling stuff on Nellie's site so I am getting rid of some craft stuff, other stuff that we probably could get rid of but haven't) So, woohoo!! Our garage will be done in November...right before we leave to go get Little Man!!

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