Sunday, October 31, 2010

I did it!

I actually made it through the month of October and posted 31 times! :) True, a couple of the posts were done the next day and dated for the day before. (Shhhhh, don't tell!) But I did 31 posts and for me, that's something.

Happy Halloween! I was thinking about it tonight, and I only remember trick or treating once. Our church usually had a harvest party around Oct 31st and we dressed up for that. There was usually a theme. One year we were people from the Bible...I think I was Mary (all the girls looked pretty much the same though) One year the theme was movie characters...I was the Tin Man, with a funnel on my head and everything. LOL!

We only had 3 trick or treaters tonight...and they all came in the same car. We live on a dirt road so the fact that we had any was shocking....although I think it was our neighbors' kids. I bought a bag of single serving oreo minis. I have some left for Little Man when he gets home. :)

One more thing and then I've gotta go to bed. A while ago I had a strange dream (you're shocked by that, right?). I was packing to leave and one of the things that I NEEDED to bring with me was spices. (I remember reading on a blog years ago that if there is a spice you use a lot...bring some with you to make cooking easier on you.) Anyway, instead of just bringing bottles of spices, I was making single servings out of them. I put these single servings (about a tsp of each) in a weekly planner box for medications (see below). I woke up thinking it was a good idea...I can plan to make spaghetti or something like that and have my spices pre-measured. Am I totally nuts?

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  1. It might work. Though get a different kind. We are pill dispenser connoisseurs here, (seriously, I have 5 different types and brands in my cabinet right now!) and that particular type you have shown do NOT like to stay closed and will leak your spices all over the place. LOL I found this set of travel spices on Amazon. Maybe more than you want to spend, but might give you an idea for containers.

    Oh look! I found what looks to be the exact same one, or at least very similar, for HALF the price!