Saturday, October 23, 2010

Less than 500 hours!

We leave 3 weeks from today....3 weeks is 21 days which is 504 hours. Since it is 9:30, that means that we will leave in less than 500 hours! We got our plane tickets right after we got our date, so that is one thing we don't have to do. We still have to find a place to stay...which you would think would be easy. Well, we're not exactly sure which city to stay in, so it's not easy. We are still waiting to hear from our facilitator to know if we should stay in the capital or closer to Little Man's town (an hour from the capital city). We are also trying to figure out exactly how much money to bring with us. We have to get new money from the bank and probably change some money into least enough to cover our facilitator's fee. 3 weeks isn't very much time at all, is it? I am not nervous about getting Little Man. That part feels natural...we are just getting our son. The rest of it....well, let's just say I'm not dealing with it nearly as well.

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