Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More about yesterday....but today

Honey told me today that the guy that screwed up our lawn actually worked for sub-contractors hired by the lumber company to deliver the trusses. Yes, the guy yesterday was insured and all that stuff...he showed Honey all the paperwork before he started anything (I didn't know that until I asked). Today, Honey got an email from the lumber company asking for his phone numbers. We are guessing that they are going to offer to mend the lawn or something like that in order to get back into our contractor's good graces. (He has used them quite a bit in the past and I'm guessing they don't want to lose future business because of a stupid sub-contractor)

On to better news. I am a crafter...I'm sure I have mentioned that before. Well, I crochet A LOT! Doing craft fairs is one of my favorite activities every fall. I am hoping to do one on Nov 6th. The one I normally do is held the 2nd Saturday of November every year. This year that would be the 13th...the day we leave so obviously I can't do that one. :( But I am trying something different. I am going to do a craft fair, of sorts, on another blog I have. The blog is dedicated to finding a home (and raising money in the process) for a little girl on Reece's Rainbow, Nellie. Right now, I just have one item listed...a country cow. Go on over and check her out..she is pretty cute! :)

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