Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Praise the Lord!!

Sales are starting to come in at Nellie's craft fair. I have had 2 cows and 8 puppets ordered so far! There is only one problem with this...remember my craft fair on Nov 6th?? The one I'm not ready for yet? Yeah, that one! The puppets that I had done are gone...but I am truly not complaining! They might sell or might not sell at my real life craft fair, but online, they are going! I will continue making puppets and if they sell online, they do. I am trying to make other puppets (mermaids, butterflies, clowns, elves, and someone asked me to try a rabbit...but time is just getting away from me) I will figure out something else that is rather quick to have for my other craft fair. I really want to feature Reece's Rainbow's Angel Tree at my fair. Andrea said they have some fliers and I might make some basic ones to feature Nellie (since she is my angel!) I pray that she finds a family this Christmas! How wonderful would it be if she wasn't on next year's angel tree...because she was home with her family. If she is, she might be able to hang her own ornament from this year on her family cool would that be???

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