Sunday, October 24, 2010

The room is almost there

Honey painted Little Man's room a couple weeks ago. He did touch up work last weekend. We moved his bunk beds to where we wanted them today. (When we first had them delivered, I asked the guys to put them to the side of the room. The guys told me that wouldn't work and put them where they wanted them. GRRR!) But we put them where we wanted them today....and, shocker, it looked fine! We have a tractor puzzle to put up on one wall, and Honey ordered a laminated map of Little Man's country to go on another wall. (My mom works at a nursing home and there is a younger man there who puts puzzles together all the time. When Mama saw him putting a tractor one together, she asked him if she could buy it. :) I also put the tractor fleece blanket Mama bought on his bed today. The only thing left really is to get my craft stuff out of his closet and paint his bookshelves. And it will be ready to be occupied by Little Man! (Boy, I can't wait to share his name with you guys!)

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  1. Oh, exciting! You get to do the fun stuff now. I have too much to do yet, but I'm not far behind you!