Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sleep...sweet sleep

I LOVE sleep! I have since I was a little girl. Naps are my mom didn't have to convince me to lay down. :) My problem...right now, sleep hides from me. My brain is just so busy all the time. When I climb into bed at night, my mind starts racing. I think about all the things I don't want to forget when we go for Little Man. I try to figure out how much stuff to pack or how little. I ponder ways to make money so we don't completely deplete our savings account to pay for the adoption. (I sometimes wish we would have just a little financial support for the adoption if for no other reason than I would feel like I have some support. I am tired of defending our decision, but I have said that before) I wonder how I am going to manage to raise at least $1000 for my Christmas angel for Reece's Rainbow. (I'm not complaining about was my decision to be a Christmas warrior) I try to figure out how to go about learning my new job (as a technician trainer) when I am working so much at my old job (as a technician). All this stuff is going on in my head...what will life be like when Little Man is home and I have a gazillion different things going through my head?? Oh my, I am looking forward to that!! :)

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