Saturday, October 30, 2010

Telling everyone

I worked today with Honey. :) That doesn't happen often so I enjoy it when it does. So, it has started. I think I told almost every customer today that was picking up a prescription that Honey and I were leaving in 2 weeks to finish our adoption. So many shocked faces! The few customers that remember me from when I worked this store years ago were excited for us. I was very excited because the daughter of the man who used to deliver for the store came in today. The man who used to deliver LOVED me!! And in turn, his daughter loved me too! Sadly, he passed away a couple years ago, but his daughter still hugs me so tight every time she sees me. She came into the store today and I was able to tell her that we have 2 more weeks. I thought she was going to cry! I know her daddy is looking down on us from Heaven with a smile a mile wide. He knew how much I wanted to be a mommy! Tomorrow marks the wait time being a week and change.....oh my!

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