Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wine corks

I have quite a few wine corks that my brother gave me when he owned a restaurant. I was planning on making a homemade cork board with it...but I have changed my mind. I have found a couple things online about making Christmas ornaments with upcycled corks. I made a tiny Christmas tree tonight that should make a cute ornament. I'm really trying to make some quick things for my craft fair in 3 weeks...make that 2 weeks and 6 days. (insert scream here!) I am not even close to ready...but I did this fair about 3 years ago and did pretty well there. I have 4 or 5 granny square afghans ready and they always sell. I am getting puppets done (and since they're not selling on Nellie's craft fair blog yet, I will take them). I have a few ornaments that I made a few years ago from upcycled yogurt cup tops. And I also have some crocheted wreaths ornaments (these were crocheted around upcycled milk jug rings *do you see a trend here?) Do you have any ideas of some quick crafts I can get done for my fair? I am especially hoping to use the corks...I probably have about 100 of them. I am donating all the money raised to Nellie's angel tree fund. I REALLY want her to be at least to $1000 (hoping and praying for more!) All ideas are welcome!!

Oh, yeah, I also have some scrabble tile necklaces that I got into this summer. They aren't the best quality (not even close to Sarah's-the wonderful lady who has donated so much to Reece's Rainbow families recently!) But my family seemed to like them. I guess I will see if people buy them. :)

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