Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Amazingly wonderful day!

Yesterday was a very rough day. I didn't post because to be honest, I was beginning to think that it was possible for this adoption to not work. There are details that I want to remember, but do not feel comfortable sharing.....actually, yesterday probably should just be forgotten.

Today, however, was great! We were able to go to the foster home at 11am (an hour later than the last couple days and the extra sleep did us so much good!) The officials that observe the visits didn't come to the home until about 1 or 1:30. We think that we have discovered that when Little Man is anxious, it comes out as being super hyper! And he gets overstimulated or overwhelmed or both when a lot of people are watching him. So, we were able to cuddle and play with him without the pressure of people watching us and it totally changed how we interacted. Once the officials got there, he was so comfortable with us that he didn't seem to mind them showing up. :)

After they had been there for a little while, they said that we were going to travel to the city Honey and I are staying in and have lunch. Then we were supposed to bring him to our hotel room. He was really good in the restaurant. He waited pretty patiently for the food to come, and once it did, he ate so well! Honey fed him (which he didn't need to do since Little Man can feed himself). But I thought it was a good bonding activity! Anyway, during lunch, Honey asked Little Man if he wanted more juice. Little Man responded with "yes" not "da" like in his language. He is a smart little boy!

Another funny thing that I want to remember...the youngest foster sister speaks German. I noticed on Monday that the cartoons that were on the TV were in German and I found that strange. Then today, I actually listened to the little girl speaking. (Listening to so many people speak another begin to not even hear because you can't understand. Or maybe that's just me) She said something in German. I took German in high school and remember a little. So, I asked her a question in German and she responded! It was very strange that I came here and can communicate with a child in another language(and it's not even the language of this country). WEIRD!! But so very cool at the same time. She got upset when I told her no (in German) today because she knew I could understand. Honey laughed because I told her she was being rough. She said "nein" (no in German) and I said "ja" (yes in German). We went back and forth a couple times before she stopped. LOL! She was so jealous of our time with Little Man today! She wanted the attention we were giving him. :)

This is our first family picture. It's not the greatest because Little Man is trying to get loose so he can go get the camera. He would rather be taking the pictures than be in them. :)

Honey got a pretty good picture of us.

He LOVES his magnadoddle (did I spell that right?) Being in the hotel room alone makes all of us relax. Can't ya tell? :)

p.s. It takes about 10 minutes for each picture to load. That's why I haven't posted very many.


  1. What adorable pictures! He does sound like one smart little cookie! :)

  2. Oh, Missy, I so remember our first weeks home with the kids... They would get SOOOOOOO hyper with company. It seemed like every time someone came over, the kids would literally start jumping up and down on the furniture. It took a looooooooong time after each visit to chill them out as they fed off each other's energy. Thanks for the post, I've been wondering about you all!

  3. Haha, love it. One of my little campers ith special needs calls his magnadoodle a "mack-a-doodle"

    They're awesome.

  4. I am so glad you posted. I have been thinking about you guys and hoping that all is going well. I am so sorry that yesterday was so rough but hopefully, from here on out, the days will be wonderful! Praying for you guys! What an adorable family you make :)