Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blessed pizza

Honey and I are really missing home right about now. I used to think it was silly when adoptive parents spoke of being so homesick (unless they had little kids at home....I get that one) But we are REALLY missing everything about home. It smells different here (lots of smog), it sounds different here (lots of dogs barking and of course the language), it looks different here (so many things there), it tastes different (and that one I didn't think I would have a problem with). But we are truly missing spaghetti, cheeseburgers, tacos, chinese food, mac and cheese, pizza (I could truly go on for an entire post)

I went out last night looking for a burger. Honey stayed here at the hotel with Little Man because it was dark. (Don't worry....this city is safe and I only went about 2 blocks). There is gyro shop right down the street and I noticed a sign hanging that looked like a burger. I went in and said, "English?" The poor lady looked like I asked if I could cut off her arm. So, I just pointed to the burger looking thing and held up 2 fingers. Believe it or not, I actually got what I asked for minus the lettuce, tomato and pickles. She probably tried to ask me about that, but of course I had no idea what she was saying. I brought my prize back to the hotel and Honey, Little Man and I had dinner. They were pretty good although we're not exactly sure what it definitely wasn't hamburger. Our driver said he thought it might be pork...we have had a lot of pork since we got here.

Our facilitator took us to the capital city today to see another fort and a couple more churches. After we were done walking (literally hours of walking) we said we needed to get Little Man something to eat. We brought some chips so he wasn't starving but I was beginning to get very hungry! She asked if we liked pizza and of course we answered, "YES!" She took us to a very nice pizzeria and I tell you, the pizza was heavenly! It was rather simple with just sauce, cheese and ham, but it tasted like home! Now to just find a real cheeseburger! :)

Too bad our facilitator didn't know how to zoom in. This is a very good picture of the three of us. Of course, Little Man looks rotten in it. :)


  1. Your Little Man really looks like your husband! He was meant to be yours =)

  2. Love the new picture!!! and so glad you found "food"! lol..hope you are having a blessed time and enjoying every minute! love you all

  3. Isn't it amazing how quickly you start yearning for all the familiar things. Thankfully, in Ukraine, there was a McD's on every street corner - well, at least in Kiev. ;) So glad you discovered their pizza...hoping you can find a burger joint soon! :)