Saturday, November 6, 2010

Craft fair

Today was the real life craft fair I have talked about. I crocheted A LOT yesterday but still didn't feel like I was prepared. (I never tend to feel prepared. I could have thousands of pieces and still feel I need more) Anyway...I ended up not being able to sleep last night. So, I got back up and crocheted some more....and didn't end up going back to bed until about 2am. I needed to be up at 6am. UGH! But I did it...knowing me, that was a miracle. Anyway, when I got to the fair, I was disappointed to realize that my area was in the middle of the middle of the school gym. This particular fair literally jams crafters in. There was maybe 9 inches between booths. I ended up selling $106 worth of crafts. My wine cork train ornaments were the biggest seller. Sadly, I didn't sell a single puppet or afghan (those are normally my biggest sellers). So, since the trains only cost $3 wasn't really lucrative. I had made some scrabble tile pendants and sold a few of those. I am relatively new to that craft, so I was happy with selling what I did. I guess I should be content with not selling my puppets will be less that I have to make for my online fair because they are selling ok there. Ok, I've got to get some sleep! We leave in 6 days and 12 hours.

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