Friday, November 12, 2010

Day before

Ok, I'm posting now because I have a gazillion things to accomplish today and I'm sure I will be working on those things until the wee hours of the morning. We will be dropping the dog off about 22 hours from now. 24 hours from right now, we will be checking in at the airport. I laid in bed this morning and thought about that...and I wasn't freaked out. I'm not sure how I felt because it wasn't really excitement either. I guess I feel kind of numb....probably due to the gazillion things I have to do. So, if you think about it today, pray that I somehow find a couple extra hours today so that I can do everything I need to do. The next post will probably be from the airport. I'm sure my computer will be in one of our carryons tomorrow morning. We got our Euro last week....I am supposed to be able to pick up our new US money today. We ordered it almost 2 weeks ago, so it BETTER BE THERE!!!


  1. If its not there have the bank go through their teller's drawers and pull out the newest bills they can find. I have found the bills don't necessarily HAVE to be perfect, just pretty darn close. Of course it may be different for the country you're working in, but Ukraine and Russia, while claiming you had to have 'new' bills, would take ones that had been lightly used, just not marked on, torn or faded and wrinkled.

  2. Be sure that there's no marks on the President's face... no ink, no folds, no smudges... sorta like our dossier. LOL Good Luck with your money... Praying for safe travels!

  3. The country you're going to, you won't have trouble with money. They are not that picky there. It just can't be torn. What little US money you do need you can get from ATM's. The only things you need US money for is the at the Embassy I think, right? The hotels you can pay on a card. All the other stuff you can pay with local money, etc. The last time I was there (granted, it was not adoption related) I had less than $100 cash in my pocket, but there are ATM's all over the place! That will come out in Euros, which you can exchange at the exchange places, which are also all over the place. There should be one very close to your apartment in the capital city, and I'm sure there will be once close to you in the other city as well.