Saturday, November 20, 2010

Great night sleep - for Little Man

He slept great last night!! We were a little worried about him sleeping in the regular bed since he is used to the crib, so I slept on the side of bed with him closer to the middle (or should I say the other side that is right by the other bed) Let me start at the beginning of last evening. Our hotel room doesn't have a bathtub, and the shower is barely big enough to turn around in. He was a little scared at first because he didn't really understand what was going on. I finally got his clothes off and got him in the shower. Thankfully the shower is a hand held one so I was able to get it close to him, but it still was scary. I did the fastest shower in history. I got him wet and then totally soaped him up (thankfully I found Johnson's baby shampoo in the grocery store) then rinsed him off. Then we got him dried off....he enjoyed "helping" me do that part. He absolutely LOVED his pajamas! He kept patting his chest with a big grin on his face!! Then it was time for bed. I pulled back the cover and he jumped right in. Honey wasn't ready for bed yet so we turned the main light off (left the bathroom light on) and left the TV on. He laid in bed for about 20 minutes watching TV and sucking his fingers. Then he was out! He slept all night except for about 30 seconds at around midnight. He woke up and sort of screamed, but I rubbed his back and he went back to sleep. We're not sure if he had a bad dream or woke up and didn't know where he was....but it was good that he comforted quickly. This morning was fun. We cuddled and played with him kind of climbing on top of really felt like bonding taking place.

Our facilitator took us to another town today to visit a fort and church. Little Man did so well at the church while the priest told us about it (in English). The fort was HUGE! And they had a really cool playground that we had fun at after we walked the fort. We were out longer than normal and Little Man didn't eat on time....he was hungry! So, we stopped and got him a little bag of "Chipsy" chips. They were ketchup flavored and believe it or not..they were really good. This child will eat anything, so far anyway. He loves soup and does pretty well feeding himself. He is learning that Mama dips her bread in everything and is starting to do it too. :)

On another note, he is so curious about the potty. Whenever he wets his diaper...he pats the front of his pants and then goes toward the bathroom. I take him in there and he stands by the potty (like Papa) and tries, but of course we haven't gotten it yet because he just went in his diaper. Hopefully he will figure it out and we will make it in time. I think if he does it once, he will start getting it. We had a very good first whole day together. Oh, by the way.....the size 5's clothes that I brought for him are too big. I am guessing maybe he wears a size 4.

Little Man sleeping. I was a little afraid the flash would wake him up, but I chanced it anyway. Don't all new mamas take pictures of their child sleeping? :)

Papa sleeping next to his son. (Well, we're not official yet since we haven't had the adoption ceremony yet, but it sure feels official!)

Me and Little Man at the fort. Papa hates getting his picture taken, but I swear I will get some pics of them together sooner or later. *It is nearly impossible to get a picture of him smiling. This is because he wants the camera and is pouting because he can't have it. We took his glasses strap off today because it makes his glasses too tight. But then his glasses slip down and he hasn't figured out yet when to push them up.

This is us at the cool playground. He wasn't too sure about this slide at first. The slide here at the hotel is small. Honey said his face looked like he was scared at first. Then he went to try it again. Eventually, he was practically running to the steps to go again!

This shirt is a size 5...see how big it is on him? The little girl behind him is Sophia. She is 2 1/2 and when we went there, she asked our facilitator if she wanted something to eat. LOL! She was also using soda caps under the slide set "making coffee" for people.

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  1. I LOVE THIS!!...reading your blogs everyday makes me smile! I am so so happy for you all there are no words to explain!! He is so precious! and you all look so happy! I love all the pictures! Cant wait to meet him! love you all and take care! Carol